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And the Widow Wept (Part Two of Three Parts) blog post #527

Thanks to those who let me know you enjoyed part one of the story where we were introduced to the murdered Zorn Mendes and his best buddy Drew Gainer. We met the Mendes family—at least by reference—and learned that despite his marriage, Zorn had also seduced Drew while they were in high school. Let’s see what unfolds next.



After a couple more times like that night at the park, Zorn wanted to go up to the lake and spend the night camping out. I liked camping, so I readily agreed. He surprised me by failing to suggest we ask a couple of girls to accompany us, but when we were on the road, stag—so to speak—I knew this was just for us… me and him. Zorn and Drew. Best buddies. And we hadn’t brought fishing line or hook, so what did he have in mind?

When I mentally answered that question, a little thrill ran down my back. But I also had a little hollow in my gut. After all, I knew Zorn better than anyone, and he didn’t settle for half measures. With that thought, a bigger thrill ran down my back. What was going on?

Twilight was taking over as we pitched a tent, built a small campfire, and dragged out some goodies from the cooler we’d brought. Zorn was in charge of the foodstuffs, so I guessed they’d be tuna. Zorn loved tuna. Me… so-so. They were okay with bits of celery and pecan nuts and chips of sweet onions, but if Zorn made them, they’d be tuna and mayonnaise between two slabs of bread. It was okay. His mom had made them.

Bellies full, we sat talking about college next year. We were both going to the same university and—dream intact—we planned on rooming together. The crickets had worn out, and the frogs were taking over by the time I quit stalling about turning in. Not that I didn’t want to, but I was still a little anxious over what he had planned. And knowing Zorn, he had something planned.

As cool as the night air was, he stripped to the buff before slipping into his bedroll. I noticed by the lamplight he’d brought his big, family sized bag. Even so, I hesitated before accepting his invitation to slip in beside him. When I finally made up my mind, he stopped me.

“Uh-uh, drop them.”

He meant my boxers. I hesitated again, but Zorn was the director of this little drama, so I stepped out of them. Damned if I wasn’t half hard already.

“Yeah, that’s what I mean,” he said, grabbing hold of me as I slipped down beside him. He didn’t even have to ask, I grasped him the way he had me. That special thrill raced down my back again.

I was no sooner in bed than he released me and rolled into me, the length of his body against me. “What are you feeling?” he asked, his voice a little ragged.

“I… I don’t know. Good, I guess.”

He butted me with his groin. “You guess?”

I let go of everything holding me back. “No, I know. It feels good.”

“I’ve been thinking about this for years.”

There went my eyebrows again. “You have? Why didn’t you say something?”

I felt his shrug. “You were so busy chasing girls, wasn’t sure how you’d react.”

I was chasing girls? You the biggest cocksman in town… in the county… the state.”

“I know,” he said without sounding like a braggart. “And don’t get me wrong, I like them. But I want to know what it’s like with my buddy. Man, I’ve lo… liked you for a long time.”

“Well, me too… I guess.”

“Why’re you guessing all the time. You oughta know how you feel about things. About me.”

“I do. But I never dreamed you’d be into something like this.”

“Like what?” He giggled and poked my hip with a hot iron. “Like this?”

“Yeah. Like that.”

“Now you know. Don’t you like what we do after our dates go home?”

“Yeah, but this is different.”


“We didn’t have girls to get us all worked up. You know… needing relief.”

“No. That’s what’s so great. We’ll do that all by ourselves.”

“Feels odd. You know, queer,” I said, wishing I’d used another word.

“Maybe we’re queer for one another.”

“Just for one another? Not anybody else?”

“I sure haven’t fucked around with another guy. Have you?”

I swallowed hard. “Nope. Just…just you.”

“So you’re queer… just for me?”

I nodded into the darkness.

“Just like I am for you,” he added.

We were quiet while his hands explored me like a blind man. I began to pant… sort of, and then for real. Zorn drove me so wild I was only semi-aware when he lifted my legs and pushed against me. The sudden pain jerked me from extasy to the here and now in an instant. But after a single, heartfelt “Ow!” I found I didn’t mind. In fact, it was pleasure like I’d never experienced it before. He was touching me, rubbing me, caressing me in places no one had ever reached.

Magically, the weight of his body against me became a caress; his thrusts, expressions of a love I’d never experienced. When he achieved orgasm, a feeling of pride gripped me. The more he shuddered and exclaimed in wonderment, the greater that pride grew.

And when—while still inside me—he took me in hand and brought me to ejaculation, I knew my life had changed. I was in love. Carnal love. Spiritual love. Fraternal love, Queer love. Define it as you will, it was genuine love.

But once the excitement of the moment was over and we went about the mundane, embarrassing task of cleaning up, I perceived my self-revelation to be a peril. I knew me. I was capable of being devoted—totally devoted—to Zorn. But was he capable of dedicating himself to me? I feared I knew the answer.

As we settled down into the bedroll, breathing easier now, he surprised me. “That was something, Drew. I’ve never come like that before. It was… it was awesome. Stupendous. How did you feel about it?”

“Like nothing ever. To be honest, it made me think I was… uh, I was….”

When my voice ran out of steam, he rose on one elbow and peered through the weak lamplight right into my eyes. “In love,” he said, a tone of awe in his voice.

My breathing became shaky. “Yeah. Love. I… I… aw, shit, Zorn, I love you.”

He clasped me to him. “Me too, man. That’s what I was feeling. I love Andrew Gaines. Love the dude. How can that be?”

“I dunno,” I said, secure in his embrace, “but I feel like this is our wedding night.”

He gripped me harder. “That’s what it is. Our honeymoon.”

“I dunno about you, Zorn. But I’ll never marry anyone else.”

He came up on his arms and stared at me. “I believe you mean it… for now.”

“I mean it forever. You’re my lover. You have my love. Nobody else ever will.”

“Drew, I believe you’re serious.”

“I am. That’s a vow.”

He frowned. “I… I don’t know if I can make the same pledge. Don’t get me wrong. I realized tonight that I love you, just like you say you do me—”

“Not just saying it, Zorn. I mean it.”

He touched my cheek. “I do too. But… but if I’m gonna be… if we’re gonna be lawyers, we’ve got to have a family. Live life like normal folks live them.”

“Are you saying I’m not normal?”

He bent down and kissed me, making me feel as if I’d never been kissed before. I felt it down to my toes. He came up and stared at me.

“If you aren’t, then I’m not either. I meant what I said too. But I don’t know if I can promise never to marry… you know, a girl.”

“You choose what’s right for you. But as long as you make love to me like you did tonight, I’ll always consider myself married to you.”

“And I’ll be married to you. But… but if it does happen, you know, with a girl, she’ll be my second wife.”

“Is that a promise?

“That’s a promise,” he said, moving into position and sealing our pledge with an act so loving I could scarce endure it. For the second time that night, the earth moved.


Now the stage is set. Drew seems sincere in his pledge, but Zorn is already hedging his bets. And we know from the opening scene in this story that Zorn married and had a family. But what about Drew? Did they become partners like they planned for a lifetime? Did Drew marry and raise a family, as well? Had they remined lovers. So… to the bigger question, who killed Zorn with a 9 iron? Had Zorn dropped Drew, incurring his lover’s anger? If they kept on, did Zorn’s wife know? The kids? Seems like anyone could be a suspect, except fourteen-year-old Cecily. She seems too sweet for violence like that.

 Let’s see what happens next week.

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