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Apparently it's been a while since I checked out this page because it seems awfully truncated. So let me add a few things.

A transplanted Okie, I found my way to New Mexico via Texas (for an education), Germany (ostensibly for the US Army but actually to broaden my education), to Colorado (for work). When my company transferred me to Albuquerque, I felt comfortable in this setting at once; my wife Betty... not so much. But in time, she came around. One of my two sons was born in Denver; the second in Albuquerque. Unfortunately, we lost Betty to pneumonia and renal failure sometime back.

My college undergraduate degree was a double in Government and History. My interest in history endures. The attraction for government fell away a long time ago.

In addition to history, I like mystery. Robert Parker's Spencer series has given me many hours of pleasure. I wallow in anything James Lee Burke writes. I found the history I was looking for when I moved to New Mexico. It is a fascinating place I have grown to love. In my own inadequate way, I try to let this admiration and awe show through my writing.

So far, DSP Publications has published three of the BJ Vinson books, The Zozobra Incident, The Bisti Business, and The City of Rocks (this one not actually released until July 18). A fourth, The Lovely Pines, is in the publication process and is set for release in March 2018. The fifth, Abaddon's Locusts, is taking shape on my desktop.,


  1. where can I buy the book of Bisti? amazon only has a kindle...thanks...jay

  2. Publisher has apparently stopped printing. I have one copy left. If you'll email me directly on dtm1332@aol.com, we
    ll see if we can figure out how to get it to you ... or perhaps find another source.


  3. To that long-ago Anonymous who asked after Bisti... DSP Publications now has both Zozobra and Bisti available at their site or on Amazon. The City of Rocks will be out on the 18th of next month.

  4. Hey Don. I'm so glad to have recently discovered your books! I was immediately attracted by the New Mexico setting. My partner and I live in Alabama but we visit NM a couple of times a year and we hope to settle out there one day (around Santa Fe). We've visited many of the locations you write about and we love the land and the people and the history of the Land of Enchantment. I'm loving The Zozobra Incident and I'm happy to know I have several more of your books ahead of me. Sincerely ~ Tom Patchen

  5. Thanks, Tom. Appreciate your kind comments. It always helps to know someone appreciates your efforts. The Lovely Pines is coming out sometime in 2018, and I'm almost finished with the fifth book, Abaddon's Locusts. Hope you have an opportunity to enjoy them all. Again, thanks.

  6. I'm a New Mexico resident who moved to Minnesota more than thirty years ago. Since I adore GRL, I fell into your novels after City of Rocks was published. I've now read all three, and it's so fun being back in areas I know so well. I can hardly wait for the next in the series. You've got a winner there - great characters and good plotting. Thanks for some very entertaining hours, albeit a bit homesick.

    1. Hi, Sandra. Glad to have brought a little of your New Mexico to you. Although I love the state (I hope it shows through in the novels), I still miss Oklahoma now and then.

      The publication date for The Lovely Pines is August 28, 2018 the last time I heard. I'm just completing the first draft of Abaddon's Locusts. Really boosts my morale when a reader lets me know he or she got a little pleasure out of reading one of my books. Keep on reading!


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