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The Prescient – Final Installment blog post #405

Tancready seems to be getting everything he wants. After they had relations, Boris failed to flee the house in panic. The youth is helpless in the face of the vampire’s desires. It only remains for Tancready to persuade the object of his adoration into the ultimate act of desire and consummation. Will he be successful? Why not? He seems to be in control of the young man.

 Let’s see what happens in the final episode.


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When he arrived Saturday night, Boris seemed resigned, albeit nervous and agitated, even though the marks of distress had disappeared from his handsome features. The big, soulful eyes were clear again. He had accepted his fate, perhaps even worked up some enthusiasm over the experience I promised.

“Do we have to do this?” he asked quietly.

“We must, Boris, in order to fully express our mutual love.”

He walked into the room and stripped, taking the unconscious stance of an ancient Greek marble, hip sprung, a jacket clutched in his right hand. This night, I led him into my bedroom and observed his curious examination of the dreaded Vampire’s den. Feigning unconcern, he tossed his jacket on the bed and fell naked on his back across the mattress, waiting expectantly as I shrugged out of my clothing. I draped myself over his long frame, my groin kissing his. His body was warm beneath mine. His chest heaved against my breast in excitement and nervousness.

He opened his mouth to accept my kiss and entwined his tongue with mine. It had been five hundred years since I felt a kiss like this one…with a husky young Bulgur cavalryman, as I recall. I expected Boris to be timid, inexperienced, but twisted his body so that he was atop me, already tumescent. He positioned himself between my legs, and I opened to him. Once mounted, he grew in confidence, thrusting boldly, rutting so vigorously that I feared he would injure himself. Then I let go of my worry and wholly engaged myself in this magnificent act of love.

Cataclysmic I had promised, and cataclysmic it was. His orgasm sent his aura soaring, creating new colors, brighter hues! He shuddered above me as if in the grip of a cerebral stroke. When it was finally over, he loomed above me, ecstasy slowly fading from his countenance. He opened his tortured eyes.

“You will find it difficult to match the power of what you just experienced,” I boasted. “And it was more awesome because of our love.”

He was silent while absorbing this. “Do you really love me? If you do, you won’t do this to me. Don’t force me to submit, Tancready.”

“It is the only way to consummate our love. You are the object of my intellectual desire, my spiritual desire, my carnal desire. You are as close to perfect as I shall ever find, and I must experience you every way possible,” I babbled, my vortex rising, my aura probing him with increasingly red tentacles. My energy level peaked and absorbed his vibrations.

His handsome countenance took on a look of quiet desperation. “If we can leave it this way, I’ll come back to you. As many times as you want. But don’t fuck me, all right? Please!”

“I will not enter your body unless you agree to it,” I said quietly.

“That doesn’t mean anything,” he reasoned aloud. “I won’t be able to help myself, will I?” Abruptly, he leaned forward so that our noses almost touched. “Why, Tancready? Why me?”

“Boris, I have loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you in Zimmerman Library the semester you first arrived.”

He closed his eyes briefly. When he opened them again, they were filled with tears. They ran down his face. A look of utter anguish crossed his handsome face. “And you’re going to take my blood afterward. I won’t be able to deny you anything, will I?”

“You will suffer no harm, I promise. But only then will we truly be one,” I answered carelessly, reaching to caress a cheek still damp with tears.

“Then so be it,” he whispered. Sighing deeply, he fumbled with his jacket at my shoulder and then straightened his torso above me. My aura flaring in sudden alarm, I was aware of several things at once. He grew rampant inside me. His strong, corded arms rose, revealing clumps of dark, damp hair deep in his armpits. The muscles in his upper chest rolled. I glimpsed the sharpened tent peg in his hands. Fear and total devastation twisted his features.

“I’m so sorry, Tancready,” he moaned from the depths of his soul. The dark magenta of loss and despair swept his halo as he brought down those powerful arms in a mighty blow.


 Well, well. It seems the Prescient was also a Destroyer, ending Tancready’s 1000-year life-span. What more is there to say?

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