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The Prescient - Installment 5 blog post #404

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 Those readers from Hong Kong must really dig vampires. They led to pack by 10 to 1. Russia remained in second.

 Last week, Boris returned to succumb to Tancready’s initial demands. Then he fled into the night again… this time naked. What happens next?

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            As before, the boy kept his distance for a few days before appearing unannounced on my doorstep. Neither of us spoke when I opened the door. Faint bruises beneath his eyes bespoke hours of worry and lost sleep. His aura was wild, fretful, fearful. Yet, he was here. He moved into my living room and turned on me accusingly.

“What have you done to me? What is this hold you have over me? It…it’s ungodly! Why don’t you leave me alone?”

“Is that what you wish?” I asked quietly.

He fought and lost his battle while standing in the middle of a darkened room in my home. “No!” he moaned, clutching me to his breast and kissing me with a passion that took me by surprise.

Ripping off his clothing, Boris took my head in his strong hands to guide me down his smooth torso. I followed his lead, and soon he was feeding my energy with his fluid essence.

“God! It was as good as the first time! Who…are you? How do you make me do these things?

I paused to answer. “I make you do nothing you do not already crave.”

“No. Yes. No! He staggered backwards, his eyes widening with the shock of understanding. “You’re going to make me do it to you, aren’t you? You’re going to make me fuck you?” He gave me no time to reply. “Are you going to do it to me too?”

I flinched at the anguish in that question. “Only when you want me to, Boris. And you will … eventually.”

“Who are you?” he cried again. “A-are you who I think you are?”

“And who is that?”

“One of those creatures Grandpa Balint used to talk about.” Boris moved away from me, his dilated eyes full of doubt. “That can’t be! Those are nothing but old wives’ tales. Folklore. Oh, Lord,” he exclaimed, pacing restlessly around the darkened room, oblivious to his naked beauty. “What am I saying? This is the twenty-first century. This is the good old US of A. I … I’m a modern guy.” He halted and indulged in a sour grimace, which turned him absolutely fetching. “I’m just all messed up over getting it on with a guy. That’s all; that’s all it is.”

“Do your sexual regrets usually span days?” I asked quietly.

“No, but this was with a man!”

“Boris, at a guess, I’d say that half the male student body at the university has had an experience with another male, and they do not appear so agitated.”

“Yeah, but…but I came back for seconds.” He resumed pacing again. “Something’s not right. I gotta figure this out. Gimme my photos, my prints, Tancready. I’m not coming back. Not ever!”

I gave him a doleful smile and handed over an envelope from the coffee table. “Yes, you will. Here are your film and the prints. But be warned. Every time you view them, you will remember this magnificent experience.”

“Never!” he breathed and once again headed out the door naked.

“You are welcome in my home any time, Boris Balint.” I sent a tentacle toward him and viciously drew on his energy. He reeled against the doorframe and stumbled outside.


He was back within a fortnight, wild, disheveled, and at the edge of his sanity. As I opened the door, shading my sight against the sudden light, he pushed his way inside. Immediately, he turned fretful.

“Why am I here? I’ve got no control anymore, Tancready. My life’s gone to hell in a handbasket. I broke up with my girl. My grades have taken a nosedive. I can’t sleep. Eat. Do anything. And it’s all your fault!”

He stopped directly in front of me, his eyes flickering as his suspicions fell into place. “You’re one of them. A Vampire! God, I can’t believe I’m saying it out loud! But nothing else makes sense! How you make me do what I don’t want to do! How you got me to talk to you in the first place even though I knew I shouldn’t.” That sent a look of surprise across his handsome face. “How did I even know it was wrong to talk to you?”

“You are a Prescient,” I replied. “A human who is sensitive to Eternals.”

“Eternals,” he laughed harshly. “Vampires, you mean. That explains so much. You can’t stand the light; you wear those damned shades all the time. You live in the dark! But…” he hesitated. “I thought you burned to a crisp in sunlight.”

“False folklore,” I scoffed. “I have difficulty, but I can function by day.”

“That’s why you cover up with clothing,” he seized on the point. “And another thing … I drove like a madman the other night, but you beat me back to the campus. I sensed you. How did you get there so fast?”

“I have other means of travel,” I answered vaguely. I saw his look. “No, I do not fly around like a bat.” I stroked his smooth cheek; he looked panicked but suffered my touch.

“Maybe not, but you can see in the dark like one, pick a flying insect out of the air with your radar. And you feed off people, Tancready. I’ve seen it! You draw from them…drain them. You’ve done it to me.”

“Yes,” I admitted. “I feed my energy by drawing from others. But I always sought to spare you, Boris. Your power is your cum, your seed.” I rubbed my thumb across his mouth.

His eyes became saucers, and his aura flared. He feebly batted my hand away. “I’m a fucking meal to you?”

“What I take from you, I am willing to give to you.” I parted his lips with my finger, raked a nail over his teeth.

He struggled a moment, and then his broad shoulders slumped. He licked the end of my finger. “You want me to blow you, don’t you?” The spirit was gone from his voice.

“I want you to taste me, as I have tasted you. I want to imbue you with my power.”

Tremulously, he opened the robe I wore and ran his hands down my chest. “I didn’t know Vampires were handsome like men,” he mumbled befoe moving to lick my sternum. His moist lips were electrifying; his touch set off sparks. I was so swollen I thought it might burst. He was awkward and inexperienced, but ultimately quite successful. Afterward, I knelt to embrace him, cooing in his ear as he fought his emotions.

“Giving pleasure, begets pleasure,” I philosophized inanely.

The boy rose to his full height, every inch a man. “I can’t believe it! You made me do it!” Alarm flooded his halo. “Will I be all right?”

“You will be fine. As much as I would like you to stay the night, my beautiful Boris, I think you should return to your dorm. Try not to fret. Get some rest and return to me this weekend. There is much for me to teach you.”

He dropped his head into his hands for a moment and then looked at me again. “You want us to do it, don’t you? I mean really do it! You’re going to make me fuck you! And you’re going to do it to me!” His hand suddenly went to his neck. “You want my blood, too, don’t you?”

I responded quietly. “You must trust me not to harm you.”

“Trust you?” he demanded. “Yeah, Tancready. First, you take away my power to resist. Then we do this. Now you want my fucking blood! Will it turn me into…a creature like you?”

I shook my head slowly. “No, that is another lie told over the generations.” I brushed his hand away and fingered the pulsing vein in his throat. He shuddered. “Go now, Boris, with the certain knowledge that I love you beyond all things. And when you return, you will understand my meaning.”

I was sated when he left me and had no need to prowl for partners, willing or unwilling. Nonetheless, I went to the campus to see that he arrived safely. As he entered the dormitory, I could tell my handsome young Prescient was aware I hovered near.


 Tancready’s drawing the delicious Boris deeper and deeper into his net. Now he’s not only had his way with the lad, he’s forced Boris to reciprocate, driving him away in a panic yet again. But something is different now. Boris has put a name to his tormentor/lover. What more does Tancready want? Maybe we’ll learn next week.

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