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I Took a Road and Chanced Upon a Fairy, Part Two of Three Parts blog post #555

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My stars, he whittled a comely lass, and his carnal desires were rewarded. What will happen next? (I’m sure you don’t know.)


                                  I TOOK A ROAD AND CHANCED UPON A FAIRY

The following week, I bundled my newest creations and set off for the village. My steps took me to the cobbled highway, but my mind quickly centered on the wonderful diversion the trek through the enchanted forest had produced last time. I quickly turned away and made for the forbidding woodland trail.

Yet when I reached that same glade dappled by the same sun, disappointment arose in my gullet. There was no one there. No fairy, no young woman with yellow hair and wide, inviting hips. My day turned gloomy, but now committed, I plodded on down the chosen, gloomy road.

After another mile or so, my sack of carvings growing heavier by the step, I spotted a light far down the darkened landscape. Aye, yet another clearing where Sol sent his arrows to provide light and warmth.

As I neared, I discerned a slender figure seated on a rock, chin resting on a hand. Had my lass returned after all? Nay. As I drew closer, a youth sprang to his feet and favored me with a broad smile.

My eyes skittered around the small clearing without discerning my fair maiden, only this oddly familiar young man with brown eyes and dark hair. With a start, I realized this was my second carving taken to flesh and bone. My eyes fell to the narrow waist and slender hips my fingers had often explored… at least in the oaken version of the fair youth.

“Welcome stranger,” he cried in an uncertain baritone. “For the price of a song, I’ll grant you a wish.”

“Aha, fortune strikes,” I cried. “So I can sing up a wagonful of gold, eh?”

The smile dimmed before growing again. “Nay, not riches of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, but other joys you might crave.”

“Then I know not what to wish for,” I said.

“Aye, you’ll think of something.” His smile turned brilliant. “So sing me a song.”

I chose the same sea chanty without bothering to clean it up. He clapped and laughed delightedly as I came to the raucous end.

“Wonderful And now your wish. What do you desire?”

“My mouth said, “You,” although my brain didn’t know where the word came from.

“Then have me, you shall,” he called, reaching for the tie to his trousers.

Once again, I arrived late at the marketplace in Stockcroft and fell on the stone steps before the church while customers bought my entire stock of carvings. Alas my neighbor with a wagon was nowhere in sight, so I stumbled down the highway to my cottage, arriving exhausted, yet somehow elated.

That night Ilay abed sleepless as my mind raced over my last two trips into town. Two awesome ventures, one vying with the other for ascendency. Heretofore, I’d never lain with a maid, much less a youth, and I struggled to assign each its proper place in my store of experiences. Each had its own accommodations, its own sense of titillation, of carnal release.

On the dawn of the next market day, I rose early, anxious to tackle the journey through the enchanted forest. My steps were rapid and anxious as I approached the first sundrenched clearing in the forbidding forest. No one. Nothing.

With anxious steps, I hurried down the path between tangled, dark boughs of trees of an uncertain origin. The second clearing, loomed. But it, too, proved empty, barren of either human or fairy folk. Disappointed, I completed the remainder of the trek to sell my wares, empty of the joy I had erroneously contemplated.

That night, as I lay abed, I came to understand my plight. The enchanted forest could endow my carved images with but one life. Immediately, my mind set to grappling with what I might claim next.


I repeat my question of last week: How come I never stumbled upon a fairy? Perhaps I did and didn’t recognize it. What about you?

Stay safe and stay strong.

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