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Living Next Door to Adonis, Part 2 of 2 Parts blog post #475


Last week we left our nameless hero—well, protagonist, at least—staring through the window as his next door neighbor stood naked and aroused. What in the world could possibly happen next?


We’ll find out this week.




A couple of days later, I left the library and walked to the shuttle stop to wait for a bus. As I stood contemplating nothing, a blue Chevy Malibu halted. I couldn’t believe it when the passenger’s window came down, revealing Adonis in the driver’s seat.

“Ride home?” he called.

My head nodded like crazy even as my legs refused to move.

“Well,” he said in a pleasing baritone, “come on.

I managed to make it to the car and slide in the passenger’s seat.

“Tom,” he said, offering a hand.

“D-Dave,” I replied, grabbing his outstretched hand like a drowning swimmer clutching a lifeline.

The off-campus dorms weren’t far, and he spent the time talking about everything except what I wanted to discuss. As he pulled into the underground garage to his building, he glanced at me.

“How come you closed the blinds to your window the other day?”

Here was my chance! “I’ll come up to your place and explain it all.”

He eased into a parking place and turned off the motor. “Naw… don’t think so. So what are you majoring in, anyway?”

“Screw that. I’ll answer your question. You got me all hot and bothered, and then when it came to the finale, you disappeared from view. You get a bang out of teasing me?”

“Something like that, I guess. Normally, I’m rather reserved, but I guess I got a momentary charge out of being an exhibitionist.”

My mouth went dry, making it hard to speak. “Did you finish the job? Jerking off, I mean.”

His teasing grin appeared, making my stomach roll. “Maybe. Maybe not. Tell you what, leave your drapes open tonight.”

“You gonna do it again?”

The smile broadened as he reached for his door handle. “Maybe… maybe not. We’ll keep a little suspense in the air.”

“Okay, but tell me one thing. What does your middle initial stand for?”

“You know my middle initial?”

“It’s A.

“How do you know?”

“I looked you up in the Annual. Thomas A. Astroea.”

“What do you think it stands for?”


A big grin split his lips. “Flattering.”

Pissed, I snapped back. “Maybe so. But from what I read, he was a selfish son of a bitch.”

“You figure that’s what I am?”

“Well… a tease at any rate.”

“Gotta go now, Dave. But you might open your drapes tonight around eight.”


I fixed myself something to eat, washed the dishes, cleaned up the apartment, and got all my studying done… and the damned clock still read only seven-thirty. I glanced out the window and saw Adonis still seated at his desk working on what seemed to be his own homework. Too restless for TV, I set about getting ready for bed, hours earlier than I normally did. After slipping on the comfortable lounge pants I normally sleep in, I returned to my living area and took a seat at my desk.

As I did so, Adonis glanced up and brightened with a smile. He motioned toward his own torso with a hand and mouthed the word, “Nice.”

Assuming he meant my own bare flesh, I gave him a “Thanks.”

With that, he rose and disappeared from view. After about a normal shower time, he walked back into the room without a stitch, and stood in front of the window as he vigorously dried his mop of hair. Even before he finished, he was becoming aroused… as was I. Then, as I sat with my mouth hanging open, he proceeded to stroke himself to orgasm.

I’d never seen anything as erotic in my life. Forget the straining cock in his hand, the look on his handsome face as he went over the edge was something I’ll never forget. He shuddered his way through a long climax and finished up leaning against his desk as if exhausted. With a nod and a weak grin, he covered himself with a towel and walked out of sight. I waited, but he didn’t reappear that evening.

Sleep was slow to come that night, so I finally gave in to temptation and masturbated, the image of the handsome hunk next door foremost in my mind.

The next morning was Saturday, so I slept in later than usual. When I finally roused and finished cleaning up, I glanced out the window before fixing me something to eat. I did a double take. His desk was clear. The photo that had always sat at the corner was gone. The painting on the far wall was gone. I watched for hours, but Adonis never showed. By Sunday evening, I was forced to face the fact…he had moved. I no longer lived next door to Adonis.

The impact that had on my life was unbelievable. I went into mourning as if I’d lost a treasured member of the family. It was all I could do to attend classes, to keep my grade point average up. What was the use? He’d gone… left me… abandoned me. How could someone I’d only spoken to one time in my life have become so important?

I took to adopting his habits. I’d shower and wander my small apartment naked. Then the following weekend, as I stood beside my desk drying my hair, movement caught my eye. I glanced up and saw this dude in Adonis’s old apartment. This good-looking guy with a shock of sandy hair and eyes that were probably blue or green—I couldn’t tell from this distance—stood with his handsome mouth agape as he stared through the window at me.

A grin crawled across my lips as I deliberately cupped my genitals. His nose was pressed against the pane of his window as I slowly began to move my hand… rhythmically.




Did it turn out the way you thought? Wasn’t the way I pictured the story, but we all know that the characters write their own stories, the author doesn’t. At any rate, I hope you enjoyed the read.


Now my mantra: Keep on reading and keep on writing. You have something to say, so say it!


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