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NIGHT FRIENDS, Part 4 of 4 Parts blog post #413

The last episode ended with Chad receiving gifts and a love note from Antonescu, one of which was an ancient signet ring with the letter A. Chad felt as if he was being wooed. We start this part with Chad still seated at his desk.



The telephone startled me so badly that I dropped the ring box. The golden circlet rolled across the floor and came to a rest in a shaft of sunlight pouring through the window, its diamonds flashing fire, the ruby dark and mysterious.

It was the listing agent for the Malpais Trail property. Antonescu’s offer had been accepted. I put down the phone not certain how I felt about that. It meant I would have to face him again, but it also put a handsome commission in my pocket.

The phone shrilled again with my hand still on the receiver. I lifted it gingerly, already aware of who was on the other end. My hello was shaky.

“Good afternoon, St. Chad. I hope this has been a good day for you.”

“Antonescu,” I gulped. “Uh…yeah, it’s been okay so far. I just got a call. They accepted your offer. The property is yours. Do you need to arrange financing or—”

“No, that is not necessary. But I want to see it again. Can you meet me there tonight?”

“Too late to back out now,” I half-joked. “I’ve got fifty thousand of your dollars.”

“I have no interest in backing out. But I want to view it through the eyes of an owner. With you.”

“Look,” I said. “You’ve got to forget what happened the other night. I lost my head or something. Come to the office and we’ll do the paperwork.”

“Bring it to the house tonight,” he said in a low, seductive voice. “We will walk through my new home and then make love to one another. Antonescu will make you feel as you have never felt before. Give you experiences you never imagined. Tonight, my love. At eight.”

It took a second to realize that the phone was dead in my hand. How could the fucker talk to me like that? How could he expect me to…to….

I fell back in my chair and dropped the phone. Because he knew I wanted to see him again, see if it was as good at the first time. Oh, God! What was happening to me?


The fact that I willingly went to meet a man I believed to be a vampire in a remote lonely spot at night did not lessen my fear. My new knowledge heightened that fear. Heightened my senses, my awareness, my anticipation.

Although I arrived early, I knew that he was already there, hovering somewhere out of sight in the early darkness watching me, measuring my mood, savoring what was to come. As I opened the door to the house, he confirmed his presence.

“This will be a night to remember,” he whispered in my ear. I froze, unable even to flinch in surprise. He molded his body to my back, his strong, gentle hands enfolding me and sliding down to cup my manhood. I was already erect and had been since I parked in the drive. He nibbled at my neck, sending shivers down to my spine. I moved into the entryway and turned to face him without even snapping on a light. He closed the door and leaned against it.

“Have I told you how handsome you are?” he asked. “How beautiful? Men are so much more beautiful than women, do you not agree? Women are dainty, exquisite. Men are more forthright, have a stronger presence.”

I swallowed hard. “Do women attract you?”

“No one,” he said, avoiding the question, “attracts me as you do. You are the most beautiful man I know. And I have looked for you all over the world.”

“Looked for me?” I asked, startled.

“Yes, my beautiful St Chad. I have searched the continents of the world for you. And I find you in this rustic corner of the New World. But the search was worth it.” The tone of his voice changed. “I need you, Chad. I need your seed, now! This minute.”

I stood as if I a daze and allowed him to disrobe and have his way. Antonescu refused to be rushed. He took me as I stood naked on the carpet. Working over me until I whimpered and mewled and exploded.

Drained of semen and energy, I fell to the floor while he draped himself over me.

“What…did you…do to me?” I panted, my chest heaving against his strong pecs. My nipples toyed with his as I gasped for air.

“I love you,” he answered simply. “That is what I do to you. I love you.”

“How…why?” I didn’t even have the strength to make sense, ask questions cogently.

“Why? Because you are a man, a beautiful man. A man who had lived this long without discovering who you are. Teasing those poor souls in the bar when all the time you needed a man yourself. I felt the need to show you, and in the process, fell in love. How? By being me. Antonescu.”

I was breathing easier now. “And who is Antonescu?” I asked, taking an inordinate amount of pleasure in the feel of his long frame lying atop me.

“Are you feeling stronger now?” came his non-answer.

We lay silent for a while before he spoke again. “Your question was spurious. You know who I am, do you not?”

I wet my lips and nodded mutely.

“And still you came to me. Was it because you love me?”

I nodded again.

“I must hear the words,” he insisted.

“I love you,” I rasped through a dry throat.

“I believe you,” he said, a faint smile exposing his small white teeth. “Yes, St Chad, I believe you love me, just as I love you. But are you ready?”

I paused a long moment before I nodded again. “Yes, my love, I am ready.

Smiling, he lowered his lips to my throat.


 So ends the story. Is Chad lost… for found? Only you can answer that.

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