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Lovestick (Part 2 of 2 Parts) blog post #626

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Today, we’ll finish the story of Larry Lovestock (dubbed Lovestick by his mischievous buddy Gil) and his discoveries about himself.


Here goes.




The next few days were agony for Larry, especially after baseball practice—that was the sport this time of year—because he was afraid he’d reveal his newly discovered self in the shower room or while the guys were playing grab-ass with one another. And he was certain the first time he spotted Gil naked, Larry would balloon up so there’d be no hiding it.

But that didn’t happen, and he gradually got over his fear and concentrated on acting super masculine. But that grated a little too because that wasn’t who he really was. After earning a couple of puzzled looks, he gave up and went back to being his regular self. After all, it had been Gill who grabbed his dong, not the other way around, so maybe Gil had the problem.

Nah. Gil was super masculine by nature. And he was way too casual about that night. Been interested in simply getting rid of his own nut-ache. Gripping Larry had just been a spur of the moment reaction from a guy who did what he wanted and thought about it afterward. If there was a problem, it didn’t belong to Gilbert Robbins. Larry was willing to bet Gil didn’t even remember he’d touched his dong. Probably didn’t even recall them whacking off together that night.

So Larry set about restoring his relationship with Gil. With one exception. He avoided going on double dates with his best bud.

The following Friday night, Gil wanted him to grab Helen and go with Marcie and him to the Roller Rink in the town a dozen miles to the south. Larry managed to twist his ankle while running for a fly ball that afternoon at practice and made out it was worse than it really was.

His buddy pushed him to go anyway, saying he could watch while they skated, but Larry held his ground, saying if he couldn’t get on the boards with Water, it wouldn’t be worth it. Eventually, Gil got the message and let it go.

That Friday evening, he borrowed his dad’s car and took his girl to the movie. After the film, he drove out to ‘their’ spot on the mesa for a little heavy petting. And it got heavy. Real heavy.

Before he knew it, things went past petting and got down to the real thing. And there had never been anything like it. Not for him, at any rate. The first time she touched his flesh, he about embarrassed himself by losing control before they’d even begun. Boy! Talk about an early bird.

But he managed to get control and soon drew moans and groans and squeaks from Water for a good quarter of an hour. Getting dressed afterward was kind of awkward, but on the ride back to town, she snuggled against him, making him feel like he never had before. Like… well, like maybe he was a man, and she was his woman. That kind of stuff. It was a good feeling.

Later in the garage, he fretted over whether they’d made a mess in the back seat, but a search of the interior later in the garage didn’t reveal anything. He had trouble keeping from grinning when his mother asked how his date was but apparently didn’t give himself away. He thanked his dad for the use of the car, took a long shower, and went to bed where he promptly fell asleep.


Monday, Gil gave him a lift home after baseball practice, detouring by the drive-in for a Coke on the way. As they sipped colas, his buddy sat sideways behind the steering wheel and eyed him thoughtfully. “You’ve come back.”

“Come back? From where?”

“Wherever you’ve been. You were like your old self today.”

“I’m like my old self every day.”

“Uh-uh. Last week or so, I thought you weren’t the same guy. Not my old buddy, Larry Lovestick. What happened?”

Larry shrugged. “Nothing.”

“Don’t gimme that. Something did. You’n Sweet go on a date?”

Larry tried to be nonchalant. “Yeah. Couldn’t skate on a bum ankle, but I could sit in the theater and watch a movie.”

A grin as big as he’d ever seen grew on Gil’s lips. “You scored! You dog, you scored. Didn’t you?”

“I don’t tell—”

“Come on, this is your pal, Gil. Your buddy. Give. Tell me about it.”

Larry felt his own lips stretch as a smile he couldn’t handle built. “Well, yeah. I did.”

“Son of a gun! Come on! Details.”

Larry tried to hit it lightly, but Gil kept probing for more, and Larry got a little steamed describing details he never thought he’d share with anyone. It got so bad that he switched subjects.

“How about your date? Was it relatable?”

Gil shrugged. “So-so. Missed you and Sweet. I dunno. Maybe the bloom is off the rose with Marcie.”


“No, I mean it. I was missing you Friday night more than I was enjoying her company.” He gave a laugh. “That ought to tell the tale. Time for me’n Marcie to part ways.” Gill gave him a look. “You recall how hot and bothered we were a couple of weeks ago? And what we did about it?”

Larry was sure he blushed. “Yeah.”

“I was planning on more of the same if things didn’t go right last Friday.” He gave a smile—a rueful one this time. “But I guess they went right for you. Not for me, but for you. Anyway, I was gonna suggest, you know—” He made a suggestive motion with his fist—” helping one another out. Bound to be better than doing it to yourself.”

Gil gave a self-conscious chuckle and ground the motor. “But guess you don’t need any help now.” He gave a quick sidelong glance. “Unless you wanna come to the aid of your buddy… and maybe collect an experience, you know, for comparison.”

Larry swallowed hard. What in the hell did he do now?



Well, Larry thought he’d settled who he was to his own satisfaction, but Gil’s invitation left him still wondering. At what age did you know who you were… for sure?

Stay safe and stay strong.

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