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A Bloodline of Saints and Sinners (Part 2 of 2 Parts) blog post #629

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First, happy Thanksgiving wishes to all. Don’t overeat… too much. It’s a good family day, so enjoy it.

 Last week, we met Prince (Christian name, not a title) Drexell and determined there was something odd about him. For one thing, he obsessed over his long bloodline stretching back to Eastern Europe… but masked (masked?) by the German name Drexell. Odd, right. At the moment, he’s on the hunt for blonde, pretty Miriam Hindleson but not having much luck. Let’s see what happens next.




Prince grew agitated with himself. What was taking so long? The woman was susceptible, he was certain of that. He’d tested Miriam in a hundred ways since he met her at a cocktail party six months ago. He’d played little games with the fetching blonde that very first night. Suggesting that she really didn’t dislike Scotch, after all, and watching her drink it for the rest of the evening instead of her usual bourbon.

And he’d talked her into a date or two, despite the feeling she was wary of him. He well understood there were those who could sense individuals like him the moment they met. He’d run into many of them over the length of his bloodline, but Miriam Hindleson did not appear to be one of them.

He thought back over the past few months. She did have a strong will beneath that polite, deferential exterior. He hadn’t managed to get a moment alone with her despite escorting her to a horrendously expensive—and mediocre—Broadway opening and an equally costly dinner at the Four Seasons. Close, but not quite. She’d faltered before closing the door to him the last time he’d taken her home. That was the reason he’d invited her out this evening. But she obviously had other plans and declined his offer. Let’s face it, she’d turned him down flat.

Perhaps it was the influence of that brunette from somewhere in the middle of the country, that Loretta Montrose who pulled Miriam another direction. Mayhap there was even a love affair between the two women, although he doubted it. He was sensitive to “those kinds” of people, and used it to his advantage when a particular young man caught his fancy.

No, but there was something between the two women. A closeness, an affinity that was unusual. Very well, he’d just have to try harder.


Miriam came to her senses as she walked the Avenue. Perhaps it was the rumble of traffic or passersby hailing one another. Or perhaps it was an alarm buried deep in her own subconscious. Whatever it was, she came to an abrupt halt and cried aloud, causing nearby pedestrians to give her a strange look.

“Watch it, lady!” one stroller warned as he detoured around her. Prince! For a moment, she thought it was Prince Drexell, but it wasn’t. Nonetheless, the conscious thought of the man she found strangely abhorrent sobered her. Abruptly, she reversed direction and fled back to her brownstone.


Prince refreshed his drink and settled back into his hair. After a refreshing sip, he closed his eyes, concentrated on a mental image of the lovely Miriam Hindler, and commenced his mantra.

“Come, my dear. Do not be afraid. Come to me. Come, come.”

It felt as if he were starting all over again, and he divined that was true. She’d eluded him, but he’d prevail yet.

“Come, come, come….”

He was tiring and about to give up for the night, when he sensed a response. Faint, but a response. Perhaps the Montrose woman had been with Miriam. If so, she was likely gone now. Yes… yes. The response was stronger, yet he sensed resistance. Concentrating harder, he threw his net wider, farther. Wider than ever before. Was he that hungry for this blonde vision? After all, he’d tasted many… a multitude during the course of his bloodline. But for some reason this perfectly ordinary woman had become an obsession.

He reconsidered his last thought. Ordinary? Yes… yes, she was. Extraordinary in looks, but everything else about her was rather common compared to other women he’d had. Highborn movers and shakers had beaten the path to his doorway. So why was this woman so resistant to his… embrace?

He didn’t know. And that was what made her so fetching. He grimaced as he concentrated so deeply it was almost painful. Muttering, whispering, repeating his mantra over and over again. “Come… come… come to me.

While he felt he was making progress, he was still taken aback at the ringing of his doorbell. A smile broke across his features. Success. She was here. Strange that he did not sense it. Usually he had forewarning. This ordinary woman was proving surprising in a number of ways.

Prince took a final sip of his drink, stood, adjusted his smoking jacket, and walked to the door, muttering beneath his breath as the bell sounded again.

“Patience, my dear. I’m on my way.”

Prince opened the door and was startled at the sight of the figure on his stoop. A tall brunette stood with a vacant look in her eyes. The Montrose woman.

He recovered and took her hand, leading her docilly inside. He would have to beware of casting such a broad net in the future. But this Loretta creature would do for the time being. She must have been closer to Miriam than he thought. Oh, well.

Wordlessly, he led the befuddled woman inside, swept the coat from around her shoulders, and pulled her into an embrace. Eyeing that long, lovely throat hungrily.



Now we see why Prince is so obsessed by bloodlines.

Wonder what’s coming up next? Don’t have any idea.

 Stay safe and stay strong.

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