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Markey (Part 3 of 3 Parts) blog post #561

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Well, Markey has offered himself, but can Daniel let go of his fallen love and accept. Let’s find out.




“I waited for you,” Markey added. “I mean I haven’t done it with anybody. Three guys wanted to get with me, but I turned them down.”

“Three guys in Victor?” I asked incredulously. There couldn’t have been three gays in that little burg, but, of course, it wouldn’t just be gays trying to climb this guy’s butt. Markey could make straights cream in their britches by just blinking those sable lashes...and he probably didn’t even know it.

“Yeah, in Victor and, you know, on football trips. But I always said no because I was afraid it would make the picture I had of you…of us…go away.”

“What about girls?”

“Well, I sort of did it to one.”

I laughed aloud. “How do you sort of do it to a girl?”

His giggle was a release of nervous energy. “By trying it in the backseat of a car and not getting it in her very good. I came all over both of us.”

“And you never went back to give it a proper try?”

His eyes glistened. “Too embarrassed. And besides, it wasn’t like I thought it would be…like it would be with us. You know, you’n me.”

“Kid, do you know what you’re saying?”

“Making a fool out of myself, I guess. But, Daniel, I know what I want.”

“And if you get it, it’ll be like with that girl, a disappointment. You’ve got this romantic picture painted in your head, and that’s not the way it will be. There’ll be smells and emissions and sweat and grunting and—”

“Oh, man, I hope so! But that doesn’t mean it won’t be good, does it?”

That gave me pause. “Kid, it’ll be earth-shaking for me, but I’m not sure how it will turn out for you. Nobody can know…not up front. And remember one thing. We could end up not being friends any more.”

He wrinkled his nose in the darkness. “How come? Why wouldn’t we be friends? I mean, after something that awesome?”

“You might be so disgusted you won’t want to lay eyes on me again.”

“Maybe I don’t really know how I’ll feel afterward, but one thing I know for damned sure. I’ll always want you for my friend, Daniel. You’re a habit, man.”

“Yeah, but maybe I’m a bad habit.”

“No way.” It got awfully quiet in the back of the SUV. Then he spoke again. “Course, you probably don’t want me for a friend now you know I’m qu…uh, feel that way about you. But I finally got it out in the open, and it’s been clogging up my insides for as long as I can remember. I just hope I don’t pay too big a price for opening my big mouth.”

He stirred restlessly as I grappled for an answer. I could have ignored my raging lust and eased him away gently, but he deserved honesty.

“No, Markey. You won’t lose my friendship. If you don’t know by now that I’ve got feelings for you, too, then I’m a better actor than I thought.”

“You do?” he asked eagerly, those big eyes flashing ebony light like an otherworld alien. He reached for me but lost his nerve; his hand fell into the space between us.

“Yeah, I do. How could I not?  You’re so fucking handsome…and sexy.”

“I am?” The amazement was genuine. He had no idea how hunky he was. “So…so what do we do now?”

“Markey, if you insist on this, then you’re going for one hell of a ride. When you come out the other side you’ll either be dazzled or revolted. Whichever way it is, I’m still available for friendship. I just hope you are.”

I rose to my elbow and leaned over him. His eyes were huge, questioning, expectant. I lowered my lips to his, catching him by surprise. He drew a sharp breath. After a moment, he relaxed beneath my touch. Then he returned the kiss, his lips softening, his mouth parting, his tongue timidly exploring. In an explosion of breath, I ground my lips against his, glorying in the electricity of the moment. When I drew away, he came with me, holding onto my neck. He was halfway out of the sleeping bag, his naked torso exciting even in the semi-darkness. On his knees, he rolled his jockeys down over his thighs. The shiny glans of an engorged cock caught the moonlight, a glistening pearl of precum at the slit.

Markey fell atop me, sending his thick erection down my throat. His cry of pleasure conjured images of another cock, a fat, throbbing column of living flesh I would never again be privileged to take. With a sob, I threw him on his back and examined him. He was larger than Beet…everything that mattered was measured against Warren Borak…but not as thick through the root. I tongued the slit and slipped my lips over the bulbous crown, slowly riding the shaft to his groin, burying my nose in his clean, black bush, drawing cries of astonishment from his cherry lips. I slowly climbed the pole, keeping up a slight suction as I reached the end. Then I tongued the underside down into his testicles. His legs spasmed before opening to my touch. I took the stones in my mouth, testing their firmness. Innocence, I thought. This was what innocence tasted like…firm, strong, clean, pulsing, exciting…fucking wonderful!

“Oh, Daniel!” he moaned as I moved a hand over his lean chest. “Oh, man!  Oh, Danny!  Oh…oh…oh…”

I came off him and licked my way to his chest with his excited cock throbbing against my chest. He shivered when I licked a nipple and groaned when I nipped the other. His breath came in ragged pants, his chest heaved. A fine sheen of sweat on his forehead shone in the gloomy truck.

“Do it again,” he begged, his broad hands on my shoulders, pushing me back down his torso. I laughed softly as I tongued him all the way down into his curly bush. I held his bucking cock steady and went to work on earnest, washing the big glans and bobbing up and down on the shaft rhythmically. But it was another cock I took down my throat. A familiar shaft, a loving, comfortable column of flesh. I moaned his name in my head…Beet!  Beet!  Beet!”

“Ohhh, Daniel!  I…I didn’t know it would be…be so…so good!”

Finally, I began to discern differences. This column was longer, harder to take to the root. The aroma was different, the verbal entreaties not so gruff, the hands cradling my head more gentle. Beet slowly departed, bestowing a crooked smile on his successor.

Then, as his thinner, younger baritone vocalized his ecstasy, it was Markey I was pleasuring. I clasped his buttocks and pulled him up, lifting him off the floor of the vehicle. With a groan, he thrust his hips, driving this big cock into me, coming with a mighty roar and a geyser of tangy cum. The force of his contractions drove gouts of semen down my throat, almost strangling me. For a moment, I thought he had gone into convulsions. His body thrashed in my hands. He whined as he tried to force himself farther down my throat. Then he suddenly collapsed back onto the sleeping bag. Had he not been gasping desperately for oxygen, I would have feared he’d died of his efforts.

I held him in my mouth as that magnificent hard-on slowly softened. Giving the slit a final lick, I sat up beside him. His arm was across his eyes; my worst fears were realized. He was repulsed by shame and fear. Shame at flaunting convention; fear of deviant longings.

Ignoring my own painful erection, I moved back to my own bag.

“Danny…uh, Daniel?” A hand caught my arm.

I paused. “Yeah, kid?”

“Can I try it?  I mean, I won’t do it good like you did, but can I try?”

“You want to suck me?” I asked, a smile lifting the corners of my mouth.

“Blowjob. They call it a blowjob, don’t they?” He peeked out from beneath his arm.

I laughed aloud. “You bet they do! And don’t worry about doing a good job. Touch me with those handsome lips, and I’ll cum all over everything.”

He pushed me on my back and hovered over me. Timidly, he tongued a nipple. I shivered in delight. After giving attention to the other one, he laid his head on my chest.

“You did this with him, didn’t you?”

“Him? You mean Beet?” I considered lying, but this wasn’t the time for it. “Yeah. How did you guess?”

“You said his name.”

I laughed again. “I had a mouth full of cock at the time, how could you tell?”

He shrugged against my chest, sending goose bumps down my frame. “I just could.”

I pulled him up to me. “Yeah, I did. I called to him. I had a ghost to lay away, Markey. And do you know what? He approves.”

“He does? He approves me?”

“Absolutely, you handsome fucker.”

“Can I try it now? I’ll probably gag a lot, will that turn you off?”

“Gag all you want, my friend—”

“Lover,” he interrupted me. “We went way beyond being friends tonight. I’m your lover now.”

Amazed at the confidence in his young voice, I tousled his hair. “Lover. I like the sound of that.”

“Mmmm,” he answered, slipping his lips over my leaking dick. He gagged, tried again, and did better the second time. Then he came up and looked at me. “Did you do the other thing, too?  You know, doing it to one another?”

“Yeah, we did,” I answered, shoving his head down on me.

There was some more sucking and gagging. He came up again. “Are we going to do that, too?”

“You bet your good-looking ass!” I said. “But first you gotta finish this.

“Okay,” he said with a grin and went back to work.

I’ve always had good orgasms, and those with Beet Borak were earth shaking. The first one with Marcus Markey didn’t quite rise to that level, but it would only get better. Even as I exploded, and he valiantly struggled to take everything I could deliver, I fantasized about that other thing he was anxious to try.


And there you have it. Sexy Markey thinks Daniel has done him a favor—you know, showing him the ropes—but I’d say Markey did as much for the former SEAL as the other way about. Maybe that’s what a good relationship is supposed to be. Any thoughts?

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