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Liam (Part 2 of a 2 Part Story) blog post #387

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Last week we met Tommy Zachus and his idol Liam Spotsworth. We watched as Tommy, struggling to become Tom, adored his hero from afar, drinking in stories of Liam’s exploits with women and dreaming of something. What he didn’t know. Until the two cowboys went skinny dipping one day.

What more can possibly happen now? Read on.

          The summer turned strange and wonderful. I had no trouble getting out of bed because Liam would be waiting for me. We were a team. A damned good team. And he taught me about… me. Wednesday of the next week, he drove to the pond at the end of the shift without asking. This time, we didn’t swim, merely washed away the day’s sweat and grime and then took to the blanket. He showed me what he liked and what he didn’t. Friday, we did it again. And that became the pattern. Wednesdays and Fridays were ours. I never asked what he did on the weekends in town, and he never told me stories again.
          As the summer neared its end, he invited me to spend Friday night with him at the line shack, a place where the hands overnighted during gatherings… what the cowboy movies call roundups.
          After showering, I made up a story about spending the weekend with a school buddy in town and drove the GMC out onto the highway, turned toward town, and took a back gate onto the ranch. Liam was already at the shack. He’d come straight here after our shift—we’d skipped the “swim”—to clean up the place and cook some stew for our supper. I got out of my truck trembling with anticipation. How would this differ from our swims?
          Seeing Liam setting out the fixin’s for our meal clutched at my heart. It felt full and near to busting. My man was waiting on me. And that’s the way I thought about it. My man. And what a man. Rangy, lean muscles, unruly black hair, blue eyes, a laughing mouth, and as handsome as any man or woman I’d ever set eyes on.
          “Just in time,” he said. “Set yourself down for some Spotsworth stew. You’re cleaning up afterward.”
          My voice almost got stuck behind my heart. “Glad to.” I threw my leg over the back of the chair and took a seat like a proper cowboy. We finished a good meal without talking. As he pushed away his empty plate, he eyed me across the table.
          “You’re a damned good-looking guy,” he observed.
          “Me? You’re—”
          “We’re not talking about me. We’re talking about you. You are, Tom. You’re handsome and sexy. And I’m damned lucky you do what you do for me. Just wanted you to know I appreciate it.”
          I swallowed hard. He’d called me Tom. “Welcome. It’s something I want to do for you. I… I really like it. But with you. Not with anybody else.”
          His smile almost rendered me into a pile of melted tallow. He winked. “Tonight, we’re gonna take things a little ways down the road.”
          My heart jumped. What did that mean.
          “I’m getting real fond of you, Tom.”
          Wow! I love you, dude. But you’d never say that, would you. You’d say “fond.” I blinked. “Me too, Liam. Real fond.”
          He stood and held out his hand. “I’ll help you with the dishes later. Right now, I’ve got other things on my mind.”
          I took his hand and followed him into the bunk room. He’d turned down the covers on the biggest bed and put two lighted candles on little tables on either side of it. Hues from the western sunset splashed against the closed blinds, giving the semi-dark room a dreamlike, romantic quality. The world was silent except for the thudding of my heart.
         Beside the bed, he turned to me and brushed my hand away from my shirt buttons. He undressed me himself, and for the first time took me in hand. He grinned, elfin this time.
          “And that’s nice too. Your turn.”
          I undressed Liam Spotsworth and shivered with anticipation as he pulled me to him and kissed me. We’d never kissed before, and I was shocked by my reaction. I felt it down to my toes. My knees went weak again. Chill bumps puckered my back. My core burned with hot flames.
          Wordlessly, Liam laid me on the bed and crawled between my knees. Candlelight sent dancing shadows across his features. Entranced, I did not resist as he raised my knees and came to me. I wasn’t even aware of the pain as he entered me, merely joy at watching this man’s man—my man—claim me as the center of his world.
          I don’t know how long it was before I began to feel things within myself. A pleasure I’d never experienced flowered deep inside me. The electricity of his legs against my thighs. The heat of him exciting my insides. And finally, the ecstasy of an unassisted ejaculation just as he reached his own orgasm. And then the joy of a shared “little death” that the French write about. I knew from his eyes, it has been as wonderful for Liam as it had been for me.
          We spent the weekend at the line shack to share our time, take walks, and make love. Sunday evening before we made ready to go, he took me to bed again. After entry, he hesitated above me.
          “I won’t be here when you wake up tomorrow,” he said, his voice low in his throat.
          “Course not. We’ll be at ranch headquarters.”
          “You will. I won’t.”
          “What do you mean?”
          “I joined the army, Tom. I report tomorrow.”
          “What! Why?”
          His smile held sadness. “You’ll be off to NMSU in a week or so.”
          “Besides, I’ve grown too fond of you, Tom.”
          I stared into his eyes and took the plunge. “I love you, Liam.”
          He chucked me under the chin. “I think that’s what I just said, dumbo.”
          “I-is that a bad thing, Liam?
          “To some people it is.
          And then he made love to me for the last time.

I’d say the summer led to a great deal more than where we left off last week. It led to genuine feelings between the two young men. But as is so often true… life got in the way. Alas. I wonder how the two of them fared beyond this point.

Let me know how you liked the story.

Until next week.

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