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Impotent-Chapter 6 (A Serial Novella) blog post #373
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It finally happened. They got together, and it was explosive. Wonderful. Magnificent. What comes next? Do they try it again and find the novelty wore off? Or do they try it again and find it better than ever? Or do they try it again at all? Read on.


They repeated yesterday’s work pattern except the count was wrong in two pastures and they spent hours patiently hunting down the missing livestock. Once again, De la Roche was impressed by the deliberate, unhurried, efficient way Austin went about taking care of his animals. They found a late calf on the ground, and the rancher spent half an hour with the mother making certain the afterbirth was passed. The young man did not run a cow-calf operation, he bought young animals to pasture, and was mystified over the pregnancy. Obviously, some bull got into the pasture, but search as they might, they could find no sign of the beast nor how he might have gotten in or out of the fenced area.
Observing carefully, it was clear to De la Roche that the young man was capable of handling a much larger operation than this one. He had to swallow his tongue more than once to keep from pressing Austin with ambitious ideas.
Austin permitted his touch occasionally, but his mind was on his work, and De la Roche knew that he would consider an overt approach to be a distraction. The older man understood this from his own experience. When he was at work, he was at work. When he was at play, he was at play. He normally did not permit the two to overlap, although his near constant longing was becoming painful today. Finally, he settled for simply observing the handsome, graceful man’s easy masculinity. He wondered if Austin Andino recognized how striking an image he cast. Probably not.
Austin headed for the bathroom the moment they arrived at the cabin, emerging later freshly bathed and shaven. De la Roche claimed the shower as soon as the young cowman was finished. Thirty minutes later, clean and barbered, he found Austin leaning against the kitchen table covered only by the towel around his waist. Without waiting for an invitation, De la Roche stepped in front of the cowboy and pulled the towel free. He took a long look at the lanky, powerful body. It was like carved marble covered in a sheath of tight, elastic flesh. Breathtaking! Beautiful! Intimidating.
Austin submitted to the examination for a long minute before he pulled the dressing robe from the older man and conducted his own examination.
“Don’t,” De la Roche said.
The young man raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Why not?”
“Because I can’t hold a candle to you. You have it all, Austin. Handsome as all get out. Put together like everyone’s idea of Apollo. And hung like one of your bulls,” he finished.
“Don’t own a bull,” Austin said, his ears flaming at the praise. “Wanna know what I see?” he asked, his eyes sweeping De la Roche’s body. “I see a hell of a man. A man who keeps in shape despite being busier than a beaver building a dam… and they’re busy little critters. You’re handsome in a way I never will be. You know, sleek and smooth. I have trouble imagining you wanting me.”
“Oh, but I do. And I’m going to show you how much,” he replied, starting to kneel. The cowboy grabbed his shoulders and pulled him into an embrace, claiming his lips in a kiss. He stayed passive, allowing the younger man to set the tone, do the probing.
When Austin released him, De la Roche pushed the man across the table and took him the way he wanted… hungered to do and was rewarded with Austin’s groans of pleasure. He took his time, teasing Austin, nearly bringing him to climax and then easing off until the cowboy begged him to finish what he’d started.
Panting heavily, the young man came up off the table and seized him in a bear hug. The eager mouth found his lips. After a moment, Austin drew back to search De la Roche’s eyes.
“Why is it so good with you?” he demanded in his deep voice.
Without waiting for an answer, Austin exchanged places and ministered to him so slowly, so lovingly, De la Roche was certain this was a virginal experience. A delicious sensation of helplessness, of impotence swirled through him. He laughed aloud at the absurdity. Being under the control this big, strong, intimidating man should have bothered the hell out of him. Instead, he realized with a thrill, he gloried in it!
After the orgasm, he needed help to regain his feet. “You’re something special,” he whispered.
“Yeah, but a special what?” Austin said gruffly.
“Do you regret what we did?”
“No. Yeah. I don’t know. It makes me uncomfortable in a way.”
“Why? Did you do anything you didn’t want to do? Did I do something you didn’t want me to?”
“Not at the time,” the cowboy answered, turning away to recover his towel. The young man handed De la Roche his robe. “But after it’s over, I feel sorta ashamed, I guess.”
De la Roche followed Austin to his bedroom and watched as the young man dressed. “Do you feel that way with a woman?”
“No. Well, sometimes. And to tell the truth, I don’t feel it as much with you.”
“Did you feel it with Salim?”
Austin paused for a moment to consider the question. “No. When we were alone, I didn’t. That first time when I was with my buddy, we both felt funny. But not when I was alone with Salim.”
“That was because you knew that he wouldn’t look down on you. Wouldn’t consider you less of a man.” The agate eyes speared him for a moment. “Well, neither do I. I consider you a hell of a man.”
“How could you after what I did?” he asked, a bitter tone in his voice.
“And liked it,” De la Roche said harshly.
Austin turned to face him. “And liked it,” he responded after a moment of indecision.
“And how do you look at me? Like a fairy? A faggot? A queen?” the older man pushed.
The cowboy gave him an astonished look and sat on the edge of his bed. “No, I look at you as someone who takes what he wants. Hell, Forrest, you’re a world-famous entrepreneur. A power broker. One of the Ten Thousand or however many there are.”
“Did I look like a power broker a few minutes ago?”
“No,” Austin replied slowly.
“Did I look like a fairy?”
The young man frowned. “N-no, that’s not the way I looked at you.”
“And I didn’t look at you like that. I kept thinking how wonderful it was that this beautiful man was doing that magnificent thing for me, after he’d honored me with the gift of his body.”
The agate eyes looked up at him shrewdly. “No you didn’t. You thought, ‘Wow, I’m getting my way with the dude.’”
De la Roche laughed aloud. “That, too. But I knew it was a man doing it for me.”
“Why do we do it?” Austin asked, getting to his feet and heading for the kitchen. “We both like women.”
De la Roche considered the question while the rancher started supper. At length, he spoke. “When I stop and think of it, except for the Filipino houseboy, my male partners were strong men. Respected men. I think maybe it was the strength in them that attracted me. And every time I got with a man, it made being with a woman that much more special. Added spice. Zest.”
Austin shook his head. “Not that way with me. When I’m with a woman, I don’t even think about being with a man.”
“Nor do I. Not consciously, but it’s there underneath. Somehow I feel much more of a man because I’d been with a strong man.”
“You’re not trying to tell me you want to go to bed with every strong man you meet?”
“No. It takes a special combination. Strength. Looks. And what I sense inside a man is as important as anything else. You attract me on every level, Austin. Physically, you’re a Greek god. Mentally, you’re sharp and bright and educated. Your mind draws me to you. And inside, spiritually, I’ll wager you’re as beautiful as you are on the outside. In truth…” he paused, reluctant to put voice to his thought. “In truth, you attract me more totally, more completely than any man I’ve ever known.”
Austin kept his eyes on the skillet he was using. “I’ve never known anyone like you, either.”
Both men backed away from the brink of something neither fully understood. De la Roche did so reluctantly, desperately hoping Austin would pursue the thing even though he realized that the cowboy was constitutionally unable to vent his feelings. Not quite understanding his own reluctance, De la Roche kept his mouth shut. Neither spoke again until they were at the table ready to eat.
Austin Andino came to him later, and they spent the night exploring one another without restraint, without embarrassment, without hesitation. Nirvana.

They definitely tried it again, and it was… zowie! Only stands to reason they’ll take full advantage of the time they have together. But what happens when the outside world comes to claim the entrepreneur. That answer comes with next week’s final Chapter 7

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