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Impotent-Chapter 5 (A Serial Novella) blog post #372
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The power dynamic shifted considerably in Chapter 4. Does that mean anything? Will it encourage young Austin Andino or intimidate him? Read on.


De la Roche admired the cowpoke’s masculine grace until Austin disappeared into the bedroom. Then he rose and went into his own, only half-closing his door to admit heat from the fireplace.
As he settled beneath the covers of the bed, he experienced a bit of uneasiness. Had that look betrayed him? His ex-wife used to say that he could say more with his eyes than most men could say with words. She’d touch the lids covering his big orbs and tell him they were his best and worst feature. They could be fiercely intimidating. Pin a victim against the wall. Express pleasure, displeasure, joy, sadness, desire, disdain without his moving a facial muscle. Normally, he controlled what they said, but he wasn’t certain about tonight. Damn, he wanted that young man!
Warm beneath the thick covers, De la Roche tried to quell his busy mind. He had almost achieved sleep when he became alert as Austin stirred around in the cabin. The young man tossed another log on the fire. Moments later, his door swung open. Silhouetted against the glow of the flames, Austin Andino stood looking into the dark room, seemingly naked and powerful. When he moved into the bedroom, it was apparent he wore briefs. De la Roche stirred on his bed, pulling to a half sitting position against the headboard.
For a long moment the cowboy said nothing. Then he spoke in a throaty growl. “I’ve seen that look before.”
“What look?” De la Roche asked through dry pipes.
“The one you gave me at the table. Men have been looking at me that way since I was twelve.”
“I’ll bet they have,” he rasped as Austin took a few steps forward. “You’re mighty hard not to look at.”
The young cowboy stood at the side of his bed. “I thought a man like you took what he wanted.”
“I do,” De la Roche responded. “But like this big cowboy hunk I know, I do it in my own time.”
“And when is that?”
“Now,” he answered.
Grasping Austin’s hips, he twisted, throwing the cowboy onto the bed beside him. Austin stretched across the mattress, making no protest as De la Roche’s hands wandered his body. The firm young flesh, the hard muscles gave him a high he hadn’t experienced before, made even better when exclamations of pleasure escaped Austin’s lips.
As Austin’s orgasm finally died away, the cowboy sighed contentedly. De la Roche admired the rangy body by the faint light before covering them both with a blanket and lying beside Austin.
“You’ve done that before,” he said into the silence.
Austin stirred. “Yeah.”
“In the army, right?”
The big cowboy started. “How’d you know?”
“Yesterday you looked uncomfortable when you mentioned you hadn’t seen a GPU since the army.”
“Yeah, it was in the army. I got sent to the Gulf after Desert Storm ended, and there wasn’t anything to do and nobody to do it with. One day out in the middle of the desert, these two nomad kids came up. They weren’t little kids, you understand. Hell, they were about as old as I was, and I was eighteen at the time. But in a way they seemed a lot younger.” The cowboy frowned into the darkness.
“In other ways they seemed older. Lots of the kids tried to sell things to the GIs. Had to be careful they weren’t bad guys, but these two were okay. We didn’t want any of their trinkets, but the kids hung around anyway. First thing I know, my buddy’s with one kid. The other one’s got an eyebrow cocked at me. I looked at him for the first time… you know, really looked at him. Big bedroom eyes with the soul spilling out of them. Shit, Forrest, he was pretty as a girl. So I just closed my eyes and let him have at it. Salim, that was his name, Salim did it for the money, of course, but he liked me a lot. Would rather do it for me than anybody else. So I used to see him sort of regular. Made sure he had money for food and clothing for his family. He made sure I stayed relaxed.”
Austin paused in his narration. “Made it sorta hard to leave when my time came. I was fond of the little fucker. Woulda brought him back with me if I could.” He shifted on the bed, and De la Roche was afraid he was leaving, but he wasn’t. “What does that say about me?” he asked harshly.
“Says you’re a caring man. Says you take your sex seriously, not casually. Says a great deal about you, Austin.”
“Yeah, says I’m a fucking fairy.”
De la Roche laughed aloud. “I’ll bet you’re the only guy in the world who’d say that.”
“Maybe. I’ve pounded on a guy or two who made a move on me. But this was different. I don’t know how, but it was.”
Silence fell over the room until the cowboy spoke again. “How about you? I wouldn’t have thought a big, important man like you would… you know.”
De la Roche chuckled. “You’d be surprised what a big, important man will do. Hell, Austin, I’m human like anybody else. But for your information, mostly I stick to women… just as you do. I haven’t been with a man since my divorce. That’s why I got it, incidentally. Elaine hired a houseboy. She likes beautiful things, and he sure as hell was beautiful. She was shocked out of her shoes when she found us together.”
“Be damned,” was Austin’s comment.

De la Roche woke the next morning alone in the bed. The smell of frying bacon brought him to consciousness slowly. At first, he wondered if last night had been a beautiful dream, but when he threw back the covers and found that he was naked, he knew that it had actually happened. Now came the next crisis. How would Austin react?
The big cowboy, dressed in his work denims, gave him a shy smile when he came into the room. De la Roche realized that the handsome young man had been worrying about his reaction. Make it as normal as possible.
“Morning,” he said.
“Morning, Forrest. Sleep well….”
De la Roche laughed aloud as the cowpoke almost bit his tongue over his slipup. “Extremely well—” He chuckled. “—after the night got past a certain point. Are we going to act like adults about this, or are we going to get mentally and emotionally constipated?”
Austin returned his laugh and relaxed. “Like adults, I guess… even if we did act like teenagers last night.”
“I never had a teenager give me anything so meaningful as last night,” De la Roche said baldly.
Austin turned serious a moment, meeting his steady gaze before going back to his cooking. “Neither have I.”
“How’s the weather outside?”
“Overcast. We’ll have a shower or two, but the storm’s over.”
“Austin,” he said to get the young man’s attention. “I’m going to tell them it’s too unsettled and to wait until tomorrow to come for me. If that’s all right with you, that is.”
The cowpoke flipped some bacon and then turned those agate eyes on him. “It’s fine with me.” He paused a long moment. “In fact, I’d like that.”
De la Roche’s chest swelled with a joy he had not experienced in years. His throat constricted, but he managed to squeeze out a few words. “Guess we better eat and get to work.”
Maybe we better," Austin said quietly, turning back to the bacon again.

Well, well, well! Seems like both of them got something of value last night. Great. But will this turn into anything other than a wonderful memory for the men? Hard to say at this point. They come from two different world. Perhaps Chapter 6 will give us the answer.

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