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Received a lot of hits on the finale to “Mountain Augury” last week. Several comments on Facebook and on my email. Guess you liked the story.

This week is less of a story than a semi-essay exploring a concept new to me. Let me know how you like it.


          Lyle Oliver Lloyd carried the epithet of LOL with him to the campus of Winderham University. Only he knew it originally stood for Little Orphan Lyle. He’d lost both of his parents in a car accident when he was a youngster. His dark curls and big brown eyes, full pouty lips, and sweet nature made distant relatives vie to take care of him. Aunt Louise and Uncle Bud took him first and cared for him the longest. But he reached an age where the curls and the eyes and the lips remained devastating but were now accompanied by slim hips and broadening shoulders.
          When Cousin Bob, two years his senior and a flat-out mama’s boy, started hanging around him too much, LOL readily accepted what the older boy offered as a matter of routine.
          Although he wasn’t certain why, Lyle was quickly sent to Cousin Barbara and her husband, Bill. That arrangement lasted until their daughter, roughly his own age, began fluttering her eyes at him. He sampled her wares, finding them just as pleasant and fulfilling as what Bob had given him.
          After that, he was shuffled to one cousin after another until he arrived on campus determined to learn who he was. He knew he was a football star, that’s how he got to Winderham. He also understood he was a good student and handsome and bled when he was cut… but that’s not who he was. All he knew for certain was that he was different from most people he knew.
          For example, he didn’t classify people as guy friends or gal friends, just friends. Nor did he look on another student as a handsome guy or a pretty girl. They were just handsome or pretty, as the case may be.
          He felt tingly down the back when he was with Sara from Freshman English. He thought maybe it was the way her bust struggled against the tight pullovers she usually wore, but after thinking on it, that wasn’t it. He just liked Sara. And he went tingly down the front whenever he saw Chuck in the dorm shower room bent over a sink brushing his teeth, his trim butt swathed in a cotton towel. It took some hard thinking to come to the conclusion it wasn’t some part of either one’s anatomy that stirred him. It was Sara—the entity of Sara that attracted him. The same with Chuck. It was Chuck, not his manly posterior that called out to him. Friendly pheromones, perhaps?
          Then there was his roommate, Robin. It didn’t take long for word to reach LOL’s ears that Robin was the campus queer. The place where a guy went when his girl got him all hot and bothered but wouldn’t put out. Lyle got more than one veiled suggestion that he must be “well taken care of,” but the insinuations were flat-out untrue. He had no feeling for or reaction to Robin. It didn’t bother him that his roommate actively sought relationships with other guys. LOL analyzed Robin’s anatomy, something he was unaccustomed to doing, and decided the guy was attractive. But not to him, despite Robin’s obvious interest in him.
          By the end of the semester, he’d bedded Sarah and Chuck and a couple of other students. When he took the time to analyze his relationships, he realized he’d received an immense amount of pleasure from each coupling… except for one. Then he considered his confederates in the unions and was surprised. Chuck was pretty, beautiful really, Sara was handsome in a feminine way. One of the others was a pudgy guy with a pleasing air, and another was a butch girl with an aggressive way. He considered each, not only as a lover, but also as a friend.
          The one that hadn’t worked out? He'd allowed Robin to overcome his better judgment once. His roommate was handsome, capable, and very skilled, but once the assignation was over, Lyle asked for another roommate.
          But by then, he had his answer. He knew who he was… or at least what he was. He was sexually attracted to people, not gender, not looks, not personality… but sympathetic people who hit him as genuine individuals. Like he said. Pheromones calling to pheromones, not body parts calling to body parts.
          He was a pan.

As I say above, the pansexual concept is something new to me. I know one individual who so identifies himself and know of a couple of others. The character study above is my attempt to express my understanding of  the idea. I’m sure readers will point out where I’m wrong.

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As previously noted, The Bisti Business was named as a finalist in the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards in two categories: Best Mystery and Best Gay Book. Sadly, the book took no prize in either category.

Now my mantra: Keep on reading. Keep on writing. You have something to say… so say it.

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