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Brother Bucky blog post #313

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Last week’s LOL must have struck a nerve in China. I had twice as many pageviews from there than I had in the US.

For this week’s short, short, I ask you to think back to your youth and let your imagination run away with you as we take a look at “Brother Bucky.”

Can life get much sweeter? Eighteen. College frosh. Cool. Handsome and sexy, at least according to my new girlfriend, Elizabeth Warfield. She’s the best girl I’ve ever had. Had. You know what I mean? The other girls let me do it; Elizabeth does it right back. Believe me that’s one hell of a lot better.
I stood outside the Student Union Building after last class and watched Elizabeth’s fraternal twin brother head my direction. Bucky Warfield is sorta a mystery to me. Downright strange sometimes. He’s a freshman like Elizabeth and me but doesn’t run with my crowd. He’s tennis and swimming; I’m football and soccer. Right now, from halfway across the quadrangle, he’s moving with this unusual grace; nothing girlish, but it’s...well, androgynous, I guess. Weird! Shit, what did he want? He waited until he was right in my face to speak.  His eyes were big and chocolate brown like Elizabeth’s. Her eyes were her best feature.
“Kilgore,” he opened. My name’s Ellis Egan Kilgore, but nobody ever calls me anything but Kilgore. “You’re diddling my sister, and I want you to stop.”
“That’s up to her,” I replied, meeting the moment with maximum casual.
“No!” Bucky said in a firm voice with a finger on my chest, his nose virtually touching mine, and those big brown orbs gazing straight into my eyes. “If you’re going to screw a Warfield, it’s gonna be me!”
“What?” I asked, my voice rising an octave. I had been braced for a sucker punch, but not that one. “You mainlining, smoking, or popping, man? You think I’m queer for you?”
“You want a Warfield, it’s gonna be me. Me or nobody.”
“Fuck you!” I sneered.
“Exactly,” he said with a gentle smile as he strode away. “We’ll talk about it later.”
Flabbergasted, I wondered if this was his squirrelly way of saying the romp with Elizabeth was over. Weird way of putting it, but like I said, old Bucky was passing strange.
Looking back, that seemed was the moment my life went all screwy.

Oh wow! How did it go screwy? Did Bucky manage to mess thing us between Kilgore and Elizabeth? Or did he get between Kilgore and Elizabeth. You tell me what you think happened.

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