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Boy For Sale (Part 2 of 2 Parts) blog post #631

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So last week, we saw Colin Ragner, who obviously dislikes gays, arranging to buy a boy from a young, blond, obviously gay man called Kevin Tolliver. What’s up with that?


Let’s find out.





Colin was a patient man, but Kevin Tolliver wore it to a frazzle by dawdling over dinner, and dessert, and an after-dinner drink. What was that kid Barton doing while they were wasting time here. He wanted to pay for the goods and then depart with the “package,” nothing more or nothing less.

He mentally shook himself. Settle down. Barton will be just as good later as he is now. So play this weirdo’s game.

And a game it was, with frequent intimate touches on the arm, leaning forward and laughing intimately, and occasionally dropping the voice to a whisper. Lots of raucous laughter that brought eyes of everyone in the joint to their table.

Abruptly, Tolliver swept to his feet—he apparently didn’t get up and sit down like everyone else, he did it dramatically. “Ready? Let’s go to your place,” the blond said loudly enough for most of the room to hear.

Colin stood, placed his napkin on the table, snatched the bill, and headed for the cashier, muttering his hotel room number to his tormentor. Buying a boy from some creep shouldn’t be so involved. Hand over the money, get the boy and go, that’s how it should be. And that’s all it would be from now on. The games were over.

Colin turned over his car for valet parking and strode into the lobby of the Manchester Hotel feeling as if he looked like the fool he felt. He’d lost control of the situation, something he should never have allowed to happen. As he entered the elevation, he muttered the words he should have said in the first place, “Pony up, buster, or I’m gone.” He took his irritation out on the button calling for the fourth floor.

He'd barely shed his coat before the expected knock came. He admitted Tolliver, turning his back on him insolently and striding into the room.

Kevin Tolliver glanced around. “Nice. Make a nice love nest.”

“I wouldn’t know. Let’s get down to business.”

“My, my, impatient, aren’t we? You’re not even going to offer me a libation?”

“You’ve libated on all of my time you’re going to.” Colin reached under a table and brought out a thick envelope. “Fifty thousand, like we agreed.”

Tolliver accepted the package. “You won’t mind if I count it, will you.”

“Count it, and then let’s get going.”

“You’re really hot for this kid, aren’t you?” the blond said.

“Stop the sleaze talk and start counting.”

“You’re beginning to sound like you don’t enjoy my company. Oh, well, let’s complete our business.”

The room was silent for the next few minutes as Tolliver counted the money… twice. Finally he looked up. “Looks like it’s all here.”

“Great. Where’s the kid?”

“I’ve decided to up the ante,” Tolliver said. “I want something else.”

“A deal’s a deal. The James family isn’t all that wealthy. You should have kidnapped a bigger fish if you wanted more money.”

“Oh, the money’s quite adequate. It meets my needs quite adequately. But you’ve been so insolently charming, I want something else.”

“If not money, what?”


Colin’s eyebrows shot up. Revulsion crawled up his spine. “Me? No way, you slime ball. You’re not putting your hands on me.”

“Oh, it’s not my hands I want to put on you, sweetie. Look at it this way, you can just lie back and enjoy it, and the James family gets their darling boy back no worse for the wear. Or we can go to war and somebody gets hurt.”

“Meaning you.”

“Possibly, but what about poor Barton. He might not come out of this so well, either. Why make it hard? Just give me what I want. After all, it is your fault, you know.”

“Mine? How in the hell is it my fault.”

Tolliver smiled, dimpling his left cheek. “Well, first… you’re much hunkier than I expected. Downright sexy. And second, you’ve been sort of rude to me. Not overtly, but still quite dissing. So I want payback. And I can’t imagine any payback more distasteful to you.”

“You’re a real bastard, you know that, don’t you,” Colins said between clenched teeth. “How do I even know you’ve got the kid.”

“Oh, I’m prepared for that. Proof of life, isn’t that what they call it?” Tolliver took out his phone and poked some buttons. A moment later, he spoke into the mouthpiece. “Hi, doll. Yeah, took longer than I thought. He insisted we have dinner first. Oh, yeah, he’s dishy. You’d eat him up. Remember, we’re on face time. I’m going to hand the phone to him, you point it at dear Barton. Don’t say anything, and don’t show your face. Might want to have Barton move so our private investigator knows he’s alive. Then terminate the call. Understood?”

A moment later, he handed the little instrument to Colin. After some dizzying movement, a youth lying naked on a bed came into focus Anxiety was evident in the features, but they were handsome, nonetheless. Good definition of the body. No gag, but the eyes had a vacant look. Drugged, most likely.

“Barton, are you okay?” Colin demanded.

The boy started, then nodded and muttered something that sounded like “Kay.”

Tolliver snatched the phone back and killed the call. “Satisfied?”


“Now, let’s satisfy me.”

Colin gritted his teeth. Why the hell not? He’d done some screwy things while ransoming kidnap victims before, but none as screwy as this.

With a sigh, he tore off his shirt.


Aha, so Colin’s a private investigator paid to ransom the Jones family’s kidnapped son and heir, Barton. Wonder how the kid got himself in that kind of jam? Some sort of a gay threesome with the wrong people? Who knows… but we can imagine all sorts of scenarios, can’t we?

 Until next week, stay safe and stay strong.

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