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COVID Closet (Part 3 of 3 Parts) blog post #392

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We left the two frat brothers last in the gym in the basement of the house. Bruno’s started teaching Harry some exercises. They’re in day 7 of their isolation. How are you betting? Who’s going to get what he wants, and who’s going to his room frustrated? Read on.


          Harry knew Bruno was watching him. There was no mirror in the place, but there were enough shiny surfaces on various machines so that Harry kept track of what his housemate was doing. And right now, he was standing and watching him. His knees reacted as usual, causing him to falter in his steady climbing motion. Before he knew it, he was off balance and falling backward. Before he hit the floor, a pair of brawny arms encircled his chest. His stomach fell away to somewhere unknown as he felt those pecs he admired so much pressed against his back. His buttocks lay hard against Bruno’s groin. The jock’s breath was warm on his neck.
          “Jeez, kid. You okay?”
          “Thanks to you.”
          “You get dizzy? That happens sometimes when you’re just starting out.”
          Take the bone he threw you! “Y-yeah. Took me by surprise.”
          “Just hold still for a moment until you get your equilibrium back, okay?”
          More than okay! Great! “For a minute, maybe.” Oh, crap! I’m getting a hard-on. He’ll kill me.
          They stood in a frozen embrace for a long minute. Just as Harry felt he’d milked the moment for as long as he could, he felt Bruno’s body change… react. Harden.
          “Sorry, I—”
          “Shut up!” Bruno snapped. “Oh, shit. What’s happening to me?”
          “I guess—”
          “Shut up!” Bruno lowered his forehead against the back of Harry’s neck, his breath ragged.
          Harry had knee trouble again when Bruno hunched against his back. He didn’t resist when Bruno clasped his chest firmly and edged them toward a mat on the floor. Then they tumbled, Bruno atop him.
          “What did you do to me?” Bruno moaned, lifting himself to his knees to rip his shorts away.
          Harry took advantage of the moment to squirm around onto his back. He was having a little trouble with his own breathing when Bruno put his hand to Harry’s shorts and slipped them down.
          “Don’t get ideas, kid,” Bruno gasped, the bullying growl completely gone from his voice. “This don’t mean anything. Just relief. A one-time thing, okay?”
           “What… whatever you say, Bruno.”
           Bruno held still and permitted Harry’s hands to roam those fascinating pecs and toy with the off-center nipple. He placed a hand behind the jock’s neck and tugged. Bruno came down to meet his lips.
          One kiss was all it took to make the jock go crazy, but not the way Harry feared. Bruno sat between Harry’s legs and felt of everything he had, sometimes roughly, and sometimes gently. Harry mentally shook his head at the transformation. Bruno worked him like Harry figured he did his women… insistent, persistent, but not forcefully. That came when Bruno lifted his legs and did what came naturally. Intimidated at first by the size, Harry soon found himself almost delirious from the most complete, thorough, and sensual pounding he’d ever taken. Caught up in his own approach to Nirvana, Harry only fleetingly thought of how Bruno would react after this was all over. At… the… moment, he didn’t… give a damn. Oh! Oh! Here it came!

          Harry lay trying to catch his breath and calm excited nerve endings. Finally, he turned his head and saw Bruno sprawled on his back, his sexy chest heaving still, his breath coming in great gasps. A wave of goosebumps swept his entire body as he wondered what Bruno was going to do. Harry’d been in enough situations to know a guy’s reaction post-coitus could be extreme. Especially from an overt heterosexual. He’d had one guy proclaim he was in love. Another was mortified and blamed it all on Harry. Yet another one—who’d seemed to really get a bang out of what they’s been doing—started swinging. Harry had been barely able to grab his clothes before running away. Others tried to pretend it never happened.
          What would this hunky guy do? Bruno hadn’t been the friendliest frat brother around after Harry transferred to the school last semester. Made it clear he thought Harry was contaminated in some way, and sure wouldn’t be in his fraternity of Harry hadn’t already been a Greek when he arrived. Bruno might be worse than the COVID19 virus, at least so far as he was concerned.
          Right now, Bruno was lying naked as a jaybird flat of his back on the wrestling mat fighting for breath, his eyes half closed. Harry almost jumped when Bruno turned his head and met his gaze. Harry waited for the eyes to harden, but they didn’t.
          “Shit, kid,” the jock mumbled. “What’d you do to me?”
          Harry knew enough to keep his mouth shut.
          “That… that was one hell of a workout,” Bruno said. Then he seemed to recover himself. “Like I said, One time thing. Don’t get ideas.”
           Harry smiled. “Don’t worry, Bruno. I’ll let you set the pace.”
          “Not gonna be a pace. Like I said, one time thing.”
          “But you gotta admit. It was a hell of a one time.”
          Bruno pulled in a heavy breath and stared at the ceiling. “Yeah. I’ll give you that.”
          Nobody moved or spoke for what seemed like half an hour but was probably only five minutes.
          Harry, not Cooper. That was great! “Yeah?”
          “How many days we got left cooped up in this closet.”
           He couldn’t help himself. “I haven’t been in the closet for two years now.”
          Bruno turned his head enough to glare at him, but otherwise lay like a log. A sexy log, but a log nonetheless. “You know what I mean.”
          “This is day seven.”
          “So three more.”
          “They said ten days at a minimum.”
          “Oh, crap. I gotta go shower. And, Harry….”
          “I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to work out together anymore.”
          “Afraid your heart won’t take it?”
          Bruno fought his way to his feet. “Fuck you.”
          Harry waited until his housemate was halfway up the stairs before whispering. “You just did!”

          Bruno returned to the room he’d selected after his roommate came down with the virus but didn’t have the strength to shower. He just cleaned up and fell onto his bed, still naked. What in the hell had he done? Screwed Harry Cooper, that’s what. Just like he’d done Honey Dew. And you know what? It wasn’t half bad. Hell, it was more than that. It was better than with Cherry. His heart skipped a beat with that thought, but on sober reflection, it was true.
          Cherry… Honey Dew had just laid there and let him have his way. Like she was doing him a big favor. Then afterward, she started moaning that they shouldn’t have done that. She even cried a little, making him feel like shit. Hell, if she didn’t want to do it, she should have said no before it was over and too late.
          Harry now… well, Harry was up for it. Didn’t push for it, but he was game. Belatedly, Bruno wondered if the dizzy spell had been a ploy to trap him. Bruno laughed aloud. Wasn’t any trap. Just hormones and what did they call those little things… pheromones? Not only was Harry game, he also participated in it. Wasn’t any lying still with an arm over his eyes like Honey Dew. His eyes never left Bruno’s. And he moved and squirmed and made it clear he was getting a bang out of it. It was a happy drunk, not a one-sided drunk. They were both drunk on those little pheromone things.
          Sensing sleep, Bruno turned on his side and allowed Morpheus his way… just as he’d allowed Harry his.

          Bruno woke about the time the evening meal was delivered. He followed his usual practice, going to the kitchen to spoon up the grub and take it back to his room. He passed Harry on the stairs as his housemate came down for his share. They exchanged a “hi” and no more.
          He ate his meal and watched some CSI and FBI on the TV in his room for a while, but tonight that just wasn’t doing the job. His legs twitched. Restless, he couldn’t stay still on his bunk. He got up and snapped off the set. He hadn’t had his shower yet. Maybe that was the problem.
          Bruno spent a long time in the shower, unable to get enough of the warm water. He seemed to hunger for it. He was aware of it running down his back and over his buttocks. Strange, he’d never had that conscious thought before. So he soaped and rinsed and soaped and rinsed again. He took a long time drying off and brushing his teeth. Then he shaved, which surprised him some because he’d shaved this morning. After dawdling as much as he could, he tucked the bath towel around his waist and walked down the hall. Pausing before Harry’s door, he leaned close to see if he could hear anything. Silence.
          After shuffling halfway down the hall, Bruno stopped abruptly, did an about face, and returned to Harry’s door. He rapped on it firmly, forcefully. After a moment, Harry opened it.
          “Look,” Bruno said, glowing a little as Harry’s eyes roamed his naked torso. “This is the way it’s gonna be. We got three days left here.”
          “At least.”
          “So we gonna do it once a day till we leave.”
          Harry’s smile was so bright it hurt his eyes. “Twice.”
          “Well, maybe.”
          “At workout time. And before we turn in for the night.”
          Bruno shook his head. “Like I said, we’ll see. And then after that, we’re done. We don’t never do it again and we don’t tell anybody about it. Deal?”
          Harry reached out and pulled him inside by the towel. “Deal. But I’m going to conduct the show tonight.”
          Bruno felt the towel swirl away. “We’re sure not keeping six feet away from one another, are we?”
          “Harry grabbed him. It’s big, but it’s not that big.” Still hanging onto Bruno’s handle, he pulled him over onto the bed.
          Somewhat wary over Harry’s declaration that he’d be the “conductor” tonight, Bruno was a little tense. But soon he relaxed as Harry went to work in earnest. Before long, Bruno was jumping and bucking to sensations he’d never experienced before while submitting to ministrations he’d only heard whispered about.

          Unlike the first seven, the next three days sped by. Sometimes Bruno felt like he hadn't even recovered before Harry was back for more. Where'd the guy get all his stamina. They'd done it twice a day... and three times yesterday. But tonight would be the last time.
          An hour later, he lay gasping and exhausted in the middle of Harry’s bed. He couldn’t muster the energy to move, but even so, he heard his own voice speaking, taking him a little bit by surprise..
          “Harry, I got a camper at home.”
          Bruno took a breath. “You only live a couple of hours away from me.”
          “That’s right.”
          “So I could hitch up the camper, and we could meet about halfway in between. Maybe once a month.”
          Bruno couldn’t believe it when Harry turned his brown-eyed gaze on him and slowly shook his head. “Thanks for the offer, but I don’t think so.”
          His disappointment caught him by surprise. These last few days had been fantastic, earth-shattering. And he knew Harry had enjoyed their COVID isolation.  “W-why not?”
          “You said it yourself. This is a one-time thing, remember. It was your rule, and I think we’d better stick with it:
          “Yeah, it’s been great, hasn’t it? By the way, the doc’s office called this afternoon and said we could leave anytime.”

Don’t know about you, but I was blindsided. Harry had his way with the biggest, baddest jock on campus and then just walks away. Why? Maybe to teach the biggest, baddest jock a lesson. Or maybe after he got him, he didn’t want him. What do you think?

Next week? Who knows? We’ll see when it gets here.

Until then.


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