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Bifurcated man – Part 2 of 2 Parts blog post #325

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Last week, we met Joseph Hunter, a handsome young banker, and his beautiful wife, Valdy. Happily married, Joe’s eyes occasionally stray… not to another woman, but to a man. Rick Ailman, a contractor customer of Joe’s bank, sends him into a panic whenever he’s around. Last week’s installment ended with Rick announcing that he wasn’t interested in Valdy. He was interested in Rick. As this second installment picks up, they are still on the golf course where Rick made this astounding revelation.


“Joe, modesty aside, I’m something of a cocksman, but occasionally I’ll spot a certain kind of a guy and my interest kicks in. Right now, you’re that guy.”
Mental pictures of my curly-headed lieutenant danced before my eyes. “Get over it.”
“Come on, are you telling me you’ve never made it with another guy?”
“That’s none of your business, Ailman, but I’ll answer you anyway. No, I haven’t. I’m happily married and in love with my wife.”
“What’s that got to do with it? I’m not suggesting we fall in love. But I want you, and just thought you ought to know. If you’re going to tense up,” he added, easing the cart down the fairway as the last putter strolled off the green, “then do it for the right reason.”
Rick had been two holes down on our side bet, but after that announcement, I literally felt his eyes on my butt whenever I addressed the ball. I never slice but did an excellent imitation on four of the last six holes. After we settled up on eighteen, I grabbed a quick beer in the clubhouse, it would have been unseemly to refuse, but begged off the customary gin rummy game in the card room and raced home.
Valdy and I usually made love; that night we went at it like animals… with powerful images of Rick spurring me on. And that set the norm… an invisible hunk joined us in bed, except he no longer directed his attention to my wife… he offered it to me!

I tried to keep our relationship on a business basis, but eventually I accepted Rick’s challenge at racquetball, figuring it was a public, manly undertaking. Unfortunately, I forgot about the shower in the locker room afterward. The guy was built like he was sculpted from granite. According to my night visions, he was hung like the proverbial horse, but in the flesh he looked little better equipped than I was.
Later at the bar, he stirred his drink absently and gave me a smile. “I measure up okay?”
“What?” I struggled to keep the alarm out of my voice.
“Hey, it’s natural. Checking out the other guy in the locker room’s a time-honored tradition. By the way, you check out A-okay.”
I’m sure I blushed. “Rick, will you quit this homo bullshit!”
His calm gaze unnerved me. “Not homo. Bi. Bisexual. Bifurcated…one limb with two branches. Every man alive has some female traits, and I’m pretty good at picking up on those with more than their share. You claim you’ve never been with a man, but I’m willing to bet there have been a few who caught your interest. Deny it if you want, but you’re intrigued. Next you’ll turn curious. Then you’ll be interested. And one day, we can enjoy one another. In my candid opinion, that meeting will be cataclysmic.”
Like a certified idiot, I sat in the bar and got so looped he insisted on driving me home. We were silent until he pulled up to the house.
“Thanks,” I mumbled. “I’m not really drunk, but I appreciate you hauling my ass home.”
“I’m going to claim a reward,” he said. “I’m going to touch you, okay?”
He took my stunned silence as acquiescence. His hand landed on my inner thigh and slid over to explore my equipment.
“God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered. “One of the handsomest, sexiest men I’ve ever seen. Golden blond. Great green eyes, sorta cloudy. Not like green eyes usually are. Good build. A real man. Your pheromones talk to my pheromones, Joe. They scream like crazy!”
I pushed his hand away roughly and swallowed hard. My throat was so dry I couldn’t muster an objection.
“Thanks,” he said quietly, “I’ve ached to do that from the first moment I saw you. I gotta confess, I go crazy imagining you with your wife.”
My temper finally flared. “You leave Valdy out of this!” Was the guy psychic? However ephemeral, had he shared our intimacies?
“I intend to, Joe. This is just between you and me. I don’t want anyone else in the bed.”
“Fuck you, Ailman!” I snapped, opening the car door and bailing out, dead sober now.
“You’re beginning to get the idea!” he laughed, driving off and leaving me standing on the sidewalk with my mouth gaping.

Valdy became the most sexually sated woman in New Mexico. We made love at the drop of a hat to reassure myself I was a man capable of satisfying the most attractive woman alive. And then fate intervened. Frigging, son-of-a-bitching fate! William Henry Bannerman, Valdy’s father, had a mild stroke. I accompanied my wife to New York, but Valdy stayed on with her mother when I returned to work.
I avoided Rick for a few days, but on Friday we both ended up at the same reception at the country club.
“How are you holding up, Joe?”
“Ailman, you’re the only person alive who calls me Joe.”
“I know,” he replied with aplomb. “And Valdy? I hear she’s back in New York. Will you give her my best?” I nodded mutely. “Well, if you need me, you know where to find me.”
“Thanks,” I said, grateful that he moved on.
I left as early as I decently could, which was a mistake. Unwilling to return to our big, empty, abode house, I drove around aimlessly, but when I passed the gay cruise section of East Central Avenue for the third time and caught the eye of a cute teen hustler, I came became frightened I fled home to a darkened house. Lord was I bifurcated, just like he said?

I held out until almost midnight Sunday. Before I quite knew what I was doing, I dialed the phone and prayed he wouldn’t answer.
“Hello?” came the smoky voice.
“Joe? Joe, is that you?”
In some dark corner of my mind I recognized I had kicked over the traces to something I could not control. I was right the first time… Rick Ailman was dangerous! My voice box paralyzed with fear, I hung up, hands shaking violently.
I could have simply refused to answer the chimes, but I was standing in the foyer dressed only in my robe when he rang. I opened the door and backed away.
“Joe!” he breathed, crushing me in an embrace.
All resistance collapsed. I wanted to be in those strong arms. I yearned for that full, sensual mouth. I needed his hard body against me. I kissed a man for the first time and was rattled to the core. He laid me on the plush burgundy carpet and opened my robe.

Well there you have it. Is it a one-time thing, or will the two of them find a way to keep the fires burning? Does Joe have the stamina to satisfy both Rick and Valdy? Use your imagination to finish this any way you wish.

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