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Dinky-Dos blog post #315

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A bit to total nonsense this week. Sorry, folks, that’s the way my mind works.


          Kate trailed Ellie out of the public swimming pool locker room Saturday afternoon, her hair still damp, her pink pedal-pushers clinging to moisture on her legs. Ellie was always in a hurry. She caught up with her friend.
          “Did you see Will’s swimming suit?” Kate asked, slightly breathless from all the rushing.
          “Hard not to. It was psychedelic.”
          “No… I mean… Well, the way it fit so tight. You could almost see his dinky-do.”
          “His what?”
          “You know, his dinky-do.”
          “Geez, Kate, how old are you?”
          “Nine. Just like you.”
          “Then don’t talk like a baby. Who calls it a dinky-do?”
           “I do, for one. What do you call it?”
          “What everybody else does. A thing.”
          “Thing?” Kate thought that over for about a dozen steps. “Have… have you ever seen a thing?”
          “Course I have. I’ve got a brother. You?”
          Kate shrugged. “How could I? I don’t have a brother.”
          “You’ve got a father, don’t you? He has a thing.”
          Kate’s gut rolled. “He does? Well… I guess.”
          “Sure he does. How else did you get here?” Ellie asked.
          Kate swallowed hard to quell a rebellious stomach. “I-I don’t like to think about that.”
          Ellie tossed her head. “Oh, grow up. And believe me, when a boy gets as old as my brother, it's not so dinky anymore." She smirked. "Did you see Peter today? He’s going to turn out to be a hunk like his brother.”
          “They call them that, too, you know.”
          “Call what?”
          Ellie drew a breath like she was dealing with a dodo. “Dinky-dos.”
          “They call them Peters?”
          “Without the cap.”
          “You know, small p peters.”
          “Oh. How does Peter… uh, Pete hold his head up?”
          “Doesn’t think about it, I guess. Can you imagine going around saying 'Hello, I’m Peter?'”
          Ellie laughed, drawing Kate’s chuckle right along with her. They walked half a block without speaking. Ellie broke the silence.
           "If you think Peter ought to feel bad, so should Richard."
           " They're called richards?"
           "No, silly. Dicks."
           "Kate blushed and giggled. "I don't think I'll be able to face either one of them again."
           "Not without laughing, anyway. They call them something else, too,” Ellie went on.
          “I know. Penises.”
          “That’s a medical name or something. They call them the C word.”
          “C word?’
          “Come on. Like in cock-a-doodle-doo.”
          “They call them cock-a-doodle—”
          “Just the first word.
          Kate spoke without thinking. “Cock?”
          Ellie giggled. “Ahmmm, you said a dirty word.”
          “Didn’t either.”
          “Did too! You said cock-a-doodle-doo without the doodle-doo.”
          Kate snickered. “You know, I think I like dinky-do better.”
          “So do I. Did you see that tacky bathing suit Mavis had on? She must think she has boobs, wearing a two-piece like that."
          The two walked down the sidewalk laughing and chattering like… well, like two girls.

Like I said, a piece of nonsense this week. Hope you enjoyed the by-play. Ladies, don’t beat up on me too much for trying to get into the head of two little girls. Haven’t had much practice, you know.

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