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LARRY AND LAURA blog post #301
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Funny how things go. Sometimes I get a lot of page views and a few comments or a few views and lots of comments. “Walls” prompted a number of both.

Here’s some more short fiction for this week.


          Larry hooked one thumb in his brown leather belt and pushed chestnut locks off his forehead with the other. “Funny about love. You ever notice that? Sometimes you gotta plant a seed and water it and hope it grows. That’s the way it was with Luther and Dahlia.”
          Laura thought of the wedding they’d attended an hour or so ago before wandering down the hill for a little solitude. “Shoot, anybody who knew that couple coulda told you how it was with them two years back.” Laura wished he’d notice her new frock.
          “Yeah, but they didn’t face up to it. Not ‘til Luther finally got it in his head that’s the way it was.”
          “Wasn’t all his decision. She had to figure out her end, too.”
          He studied the water oak towering above them. “Nice shade on a hot summer day like this.” He sighed and answered her “Still, nothing happened ‘til he decided the way it was.”
          She cast a blue eye at him. “Just because she got there before he did, doesn’t mean he was the lead ox,” silently adding. Just the ox.
          Larry took no notice of the bite in her voice. “Now with Charlie and Maggie, it just kinda arrived all at once. You know, full bloom.”
          She eyed him again without him taking notice. “Yeah, full bloom.”
          The whole countryside knew Maggie set her cap for Charlie before they got out of high school. Course, Charlie almost didn’t make it out of school. Probably wouldn’t have if he hadn’t played football.
          Larry skipped a stone across the creek and leaned against the bole of the oak. “Most all our friends got hooked up.”
          “Or ran for the hills. Like John and Edgar.”
          “Didn’t exactly run for the hills,” he protested. “John got a job over in Harreltown, and Edgar joined the army.”
          “Same thing.”
          “Maybe so.”
          Laura leaned against the tree beside him and rested her head in the crook of his arm. Would the dolt ever get around to it, or would she have to give him a shove?
          “Creek’s running high. Probably good fishing. Shoulda brought a pole.” He looked down at her. “You got anything to make a hook out of?”
          “Not a thing. We didn’t come here to go fishing.”
          He gave another sigh. “Fishing’s about the most relaxing thing I know.”
          “I don’t doubt that, Not for a minute.”
          Well, that was that. He was off and running in a different direction now. No telling when she’d get him back on the subject. Wait for another wedding? They were running out of marriageable friends.
          He gave her a quick hug. “How… how you think it was for us… honey? You know, the love thing?”
          Despite the joy bubbling in her bosom, she couldn’t resist one more swipe. “Like a mustard seed, Larry. Like a mustard seed.”

A little change of pace from last week, don’t you think? Hope you enjoyed that idyllic slice of life.

Don’t forget that The Lovely Pines came out last week. Hope you’ll get a copy of the book and read it. If so, please give me feedback.

Now my mantra: Keep on reading. Keep on writing. You have something to say… so say it.

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See you next week.


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