Thursday, April 12, 2018

Personal Indulgence: My Blue Period Revisited blog post #280

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Regular readers of this blog know that I proclaim three months of the year as my “Blue Period:” February 12, the date of my wife’s death; March 13, her birthday; and April 8, our wedding anniversary. I have just passed through this time of mourning and remembrance for the ninth time. Each year, I find these three months get a bit easier.

But once in a while, something comes out of the blue and whacks me in the head… usually all out of proportion to the occurrence. My wife executed one oil painting in her lifetime, and I proudly had it framed and hung it on the wall. It is a still-life of a brown teapot, an orange, and two pears on a table done in the primitive style. There is nothing exceptional about it, except that she is the one who painted it.

Yesterday as I walked past the painting, it reached out and caught my eye, demanded attention. I stopped and examined it—really examined it—for the first time in quite a while. For a moment, it was as if I suffered my loss anew after all this time. It became fresh and pressing and depressing all out of proportion to the time. And I mourned her again.

I have no idea why that happened at that particular time for that specific reason, but perhaps the loss of my younger brother to lung cancer in December had something to do with it. He and his wife had a particularly close and loving relationship, so his widow is having a difficult time coping with her loss. I text her regularly to share my walk down this path with her and to try to assure her it becomes more manageable as time goes by. Perhaps that’s why I got pole-axed by a painting from the past.

Thanks for indulging me.
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