Thursday, June 29, 2017

I’m Not a Tums Kind of Guy

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A poet, I am not! Yet I write a poem or two on occasion. At least I call it poetry because the lines are short, they are centered on the page, and I can totally ignore the rules of punctuation. My poetry is free-form and don’t bother to search for rhyme or meter. Not sure I know what either of those are. At any rate, today I am inflicting a poem on my readers. Normally, at this point, I say “enjoy.” Today, I’ll merely say “persevere.”


I’m not a Tums kind of guy.
The belly may be round
And oft overstuffed,
But I’ve never been a Tums kind of guy.

Yet as the years go by
And the hair turns gray
(please, no snickers now),
Maybe I’m not the same kind of guy.

The knees start to go
And the first thing you know,
The joints say click and clack.
Definitely not the same kind of guy.

As things begin to sag,
My clothes become a bag
And worse … I don’t even care.
More changes to my kind of guy.

A shock sets me back
As the mirror reveals
How profound the changes have been.
What kind of a guy am I now?

Wind has gone chasing after stamina,
Which took off in search of energy.
Ambition has vanished, but I cannot say where.
Am I even a guy at all?

With gurgles and groans, my stomach
Confirms what I crave no longer craves me.
What was tripe to my tongue is now daily fare.
Maybe I am a Tums kind of guy.

If you are reading this sentence, then you persevered! Congratulations.  Let me know what you think of my poetic efforts at the Email address provided below.

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