Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Turkey Day!

Thought I’d give you a little Thanksgiving story since the calendar places the holiday on my publication date. I wrote this as an entry in a writing contest under rules that required half the story be from the protagonist’s viewpoint, and half from an animal’s point of view. The following is my entry (which won second place, by the way):


Jordy banged the screen as he barged out the back door on his way to the barnyard. Gramma usually yelled at him, but tomorrow was Thanksgiving Day. She’d be too busy to worry about slamming doors.
He liked watching the chickens scratch and the turkey strut. There was something grand about Tom Turkey. Goofy grand. The big black and gray feathers with white tips were awesome, but the bald, red head and bloody-looking beard were just plain gross. Tom walked and talked funny, too. First, his head darted forward, and then the rest of him just sorta caught up with it. His gobble made Jordy giggle.
I don’t like the way that kid’s looking at me. The big people are bad enough, but at least they feed a guy. This yahoo just stares like he knows something I don’t. Gives me the creeps.
I ambled over for a closer look, stopping now and then to peck a seed the hens had overlooked. He was a pale creature with icky yellow stuff on his head and teeny blue spots in his eyes—the only bits of color on the drab little fellow.
Jordy pictured Tom as he would look on Gramma’s table tomorrow baked to a golden brown and giving off those great, mouth-watering smells. Jordy liked the dressing and giblet gravy Gramma served—even though he’d refused to eat the stuff for a long time because he’d seen her poking it up the bird’s heinie. But when he finally tried it, the stuffing was super.
“Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving,” he said. “You’re gonna taste sooo goood.”
He took a step backward as the bird suddenly raised a ruckus.
Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving was when turkeys went missing. My dad had disappeared the day before the last one. My feathers went stiff, and I raced in rapid circles. I gave an anguished gobble. No place to hide. No way out. I halted at the back gate and stared across the fields to the woods. So near, yet so far. I was doomed. Unless….
I turned and went on display, giving the kid my best strut. My magnificent ruffle feathers scraped the ground. My tail popped open like an awesome fan as I let out a plaintive gobble.
Jordy snatched a look at the bird on the platter as he took his place at the far end of the big table and bowed his head for Gampa’s Thanksgiving prayer.
“Dear Lord, we give heartfelt thanks for this great bounty we are about to receive.”
Jordy peeked up to find Grampa’s stern eyes fixed on him.
“Even though we’re having chicken on this Thanksgiving Day…due to what I can only attribute to Your Divine Intervention.
Jordy hid a knowing smile behind his reverently folded hands.


Well, there you are. My Thanksgiving Day offering. Hope you got a chuckle out of reading it. Please feel free to look around the site while you’re here, and I hope you’ll give me some feedback.

As always, thanks for reading.


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