Thursday, September 11, 2014

Me and The Dragon

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my struggle with Dragon Naturally Speaking. Since then, I have done a lot of work with the program and found it both frustrating and rewarding. As a matter of fact, this post is being created using Dragon. It is the first actual work I have attempted with the program.

In preparation, I printed the better part of a 180-odd page operating manual and put it in a three ring binder for ready reference. My upstairs neighbor and mentor in all things electronic, Dr. Joe, was horrified. The manual was readily available on my computer as a part of the Dragon software. So why did I need to use paper and ink and put it in a book? I reminded him my mind does not work the same way his does. He lives out of an electronic machine; I live out of a filing cabinet. I am not certain whether this difference in approach is engendered by the four years difference in our ages or his many academic degrees compared to my simple Bachelors. Or perhaps it’s neither. Life experience is bound to play a major part. I am afraid of my computer. He tears into the guts of his with a vengeance.

At any rate, not satisfied with printing a manual, I sat down and created a document in Word called DRAGON OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. I put every command Dragon would give me on how to perform specific tasks into the file. Of course, I printed that as well. Dr. Joe reminded me that I have virtually the same thing in the Dragon Learning Center, which appears on the screen as I work. That electronics vs paper thing, again.

Overlooking his criticism, I began dictating things extemporaneously to overcome my tendency to go mentally blank every time I attempt this procedure. I have to admit it took a great deal of work; however, the fact that I am dictating this blog indicates progress. Now I will get down to writing the real post for the week.




See the post of August 28 to make sense of the last three lines.


Well folks, it’s back to the beginning. See you next week, same time and same place. I hope you felt some of my frustration with Dragon Naturally Speaking. I also hope you sensed my hopeful optimism.

Thanks for reading. Take a look around the blog site while you’re here.

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PS: I have to add that after I finished dictating “each Thursday,” Dragon gratuitously added the word “Eek.” I swear to you on the Dragon Naturally Speaking Operating Manual that this is true.

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